Gals & Guys, Here's Where You Can Get A Fragrance For Every Mood Below INR 500

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're like me, then one single fragrance just won't do. Each day comes with a new mood, a new outfit and yes, a new fragrance to go with! That's why I'm ever so happy whenever I come across new brands to try out, preferably ones that won't carve a deep hole in my pocket (looking at you, all my favourite luxury brands). 

Wondering what you can shop for here? Well, they've got a variety of fragrances that you can choose from - think convenient roll-on concentrates, body sprays, hand rubs as well as home fragrances. If you enjoy a scent that settles into a sweet woodsy scent, then try the Mot Juste, with top notes of bergamot, lime and orange and base notes of musk, patchouli, amber and oakmoss or the Encomium, with orange, melon, bergamot top notes that settle into jasmine, lily and lavender and finally into a woodsy moss, patchouli and amber. We also have our eye on the Quintessential, with lemon ginger, mint and vetiver. Each of the fragrances from B&F are unisex which we love, and we also like their super minimal but stylish packaging too.

You can opt for a 30ml travel size fragrance at INR 299 or a 200 ml full size bottle at INR 499. The concentrated roll-ons are priced at INR 399. 

What Could Be Better

Their home fragrance range is not yet available and we'd love to see a few more options overall. As these are unisex fragrances, you may not enjoy them if sweet fragrances and florals work best for you. 


You can shop their products online via their website or via Instagram as well