Decor You Wood Love: Buy Coasters, Planters, & More From Artylogs

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What Makes It Awesome

There is something about wooden decor that's beautiful. It makes your abode look edgy and raw, and we love that about it. So when we stumbled upon Artylogs, naturally, our happiness knew no bounds. Here's what we loved and here's what you must add to your cart right away! 

There's a solitary Persian blue bird perched on a wooden block table art for INR 1,600, that's perfect for your side table. Then there's a real tree log coaster set of 6, for INR 1,230, which we absolutely love. Buy it for your dining table, center table, or gift it to a friend who also loves all things wood. You can also go for tree log planters that come with a test tube, hand-painted wall hangings with jute tassels, or the tea light candle holders with flowers carved on them. If you're into gardening, the planters with test tubes is a good investment. They don't just look minimal and classy but also have great utility. The set of three test tubes costs INR 2,590, which we think is worth it, especially because this is real wood we're dealing with. 

Artylogs, as a brand, creates products that are great for gifting purposes too. So for times when you're stuck and don't want to settle for mainstream gifts, consider buying real wooden home decor! 


This brand also makes wooden clocks and lantern stands that you may want to deck up your space with! 


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