Glam Up: Our Guide To All Things Shopping In Atria Mall

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Atria's a world of it's own when it comes to culinary expeditions - Thai, Indian, Cocktail Bars, French... You name it, and it's probably there. But sometimes, you get there way before your friends do. Or your mom's stuck in traffic, and she can't join you for the next half hour. Or, you got there early because you wanted to finally see all the shops you've been meaning to pop into for a while. Don't worry, we did the legwork. Leggo.

Bargain Book Hut

Whether you're a bookworm or not, BBH has a lot of stuff that'll warrant your attention. So apart from having a great selection of books at reasonable rates, they've also got random fandom merch, bags, stationery, and games, too! So basically, if you're at Atria for a friend's birthday, and you've got no gift, head here. STAT.

Shell Out: INR 300 onward


It's your dependable, easy place to shop from when it comes to the basics, the everydays, the non-negotiables. Tees, tops, jeans, kurtis and pocket-friendly formals - FBB will sort you out for them all. We love an economical store, and we love that it houses so many brands.

Shell Out: INR 500 onward

Psst: They have a great collection of accessories that you must check out too! 

Go Colors

We've always loved Go Colors for the sheer variety of designs they have in the same fabric - cotton polyester. Palazzos, straight fits, cycling shorts, narrow fits, you name it! The best part is you can pair them with so many things. Throw the palazzos on with kurtis, shirts or even loose shirts. The narrow fit ones can go with kurtis, or long t-shirts. So comfy, so good.

Shell Out: INR 499 onward


A significantly different brand compared to the last two, this premium joolry brand has been at Atria since 2006. We loved the fact that even though it's not gold/platinum jewellery, the brand owns the medium it uses, and even uses a rhodium and anti-tarnish plating so the metal doesn't turn black. The range is quite premium, even though it doesn't use precious stones/metals.

Shell Out: INR 2,000 onward


Azalea by Purvi Doshi is a bespoke fashion brand that's popular with the city's creme de la creme. The store itself in Atria isn't huge, but the products on display are oh-so-opulent. It's a flood of organza, sequins, dainty embroidery, bright colours and feminine silhouettes. Phew! 

Shell Out: INR 3,000 onward

Genesis Jewels

While Genesis deals in both real and imitation jewellery, the imitation jewellery's our pick! It's always better to get more bang for your buck, no? This brand fashions jewellery with regal, timeless designs and often has semi-precious stones taking centrestage, forming brightly hued statement pieces.

Shell Out: INR 2,000 onward

The Crockery Hut

Crockery Hut screams bougie! A single sojourn to this store will make you want to throw out every unbecoming spoon and fork your kitchen drawer holds. Get matte-finish serving spoon sets, bejewelled ladles, grand stoneware and opulent mugs (yes, it's a thing) here. It's all priced very steeply, so be prepared to splurge!

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward


We really did save the best for the last, didn't we. Decathlon's our go-to for... Scratch that. Decathlon's just our go-to. We're crazy about Decathlon, even though its not everyday (or ever) that we're purchasing boats, surfboards, tents and skating gear. Head here for workout clothes, umbrellas... Just head here. 

Shell Out: INR 500 onward


When it comes to chic, offbeat and funky accessories and shoes, we simply can’t get over this Canadian brand. From their tassel-themed neckpieces to their elegant white strapped watches, every product follows a similar trait - minimalistic yet elegant fashion. 

Shell Out: INR 2,000 onward


If you’re looking to buy spectacles or sunglasses, but are on a tight budget, this one’s a good option. We love the casual, trendy styles, plus the fact that they give the best deals and discounts keeps us going back for more. You can also check out the premium collection of sunglasses in case you wish to splurge.

Shell Out: INR 499 onward


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