No More Study Woes: 9 Stores That Will Buy Your Textbooks At A Good Price


    It's exam time and the pressure is on, but the summer break isn't far away. While we wait for that happy period to come, we're also helping you with a list of places that will accept your books, for a good price, once you're free.

    All you have to do is keep one thing in mind, that the books you are willing to sell should be in good condition so that it can be sold to another buyer who needs it. From textbooks to guides to novels, these shops buy everything at a reasonable price.

    Pustak Kala, Borivali

    They accept books from all education boards. You can sell off your textbooks and course material for 30% of the original price. Needless to say, the books need to be in good condition.

    Ideal Book Depot, Dadar

    Ideal Book Depot

    Dadar, Mumbai

    These guys will buy back your well-maintained course books at 30-50% of the original cost. Other than that, this is also a great place to sell off novels and atlases and other books.

    Suresh Singh Books Buying, Mahim

    You can sell your textbooks at this famous second-hand book store for 30-50% of the original cost. They also buy back schoolbooks and course material of law, medicine, engineering, etc.

    Books Plaza, Borivali

    Books Plaza

    Available Online

    Not only is this a great store to sell your used textbooks and novels to, but also heaven for bibliophiles. The staff here is super helpful and will guide you along as you navigate through all those books to pick your favorite genre.

    Manohar Pustak Bhandar, Parel

    This second-hand store buys back your textbooks and study material and also has a great collection of stationery that you might want to look at. The books are sold at 30% off on the MRP.

    Sai Book Depot and General Store, Airoli

    If you want to give away your state board (or even CBSE and ICSE boards) books, this is the place to check out. You can sell off your textbooks at 50% of their original price, provided they are in good condition.

    Jagdish Book Depot, Thane

    If your textbooks are in good condition, these guys will buy it from you! Also brownie points in the form of more cash if you have the latest edition of the course material. 

    Shree Ramchandra Collection

    This place buys back your textbooks for 25-30% of the original price, and is a great option for those looking at selling their study guides and reference books too! They also buy back novels and books.

    #LBBTip- enquire about the genre before taking the books to the shop.

    BX Zone

    BX Zone

    Available Online

    If you are tired of those old books piled up in the corner of your room, then you should get on BX Zone. It is a website where you can sell your old books at the prices that you decide. All you have to do is upload a picture of the book with the description and mention the price. You can also sell textbooks of both schools and colleges on BX Zone as there are several buyers for the same.