Elegant Silk Scarves Or Chic Stoles: This Luxury Scarf Brand Is Our New Favourite

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El Toque

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What Makes It Awesome

There's a reason we love scarves. They add drama to any simple outfit. They are multi-functionary — can be used as a hair accessory, protection from pollution and so much more. And lastly, they are always in fashion, no matter what. So, if like us you've got an entire section in your wardrobe dedicated solely to scarves and stoles, we strongly recommend this luxury chic brand. 

Called El Toque, this brand was founded for every individual's love and passion for neck decoration. El Toque is a Spanish word that means 'the touch'. Smooth fabrics, amazingly exceptional designs and prints, and soft-touch, this luxury brand clearly knows how to make a statement. To cater to every fashion type, they've got a huge array of scarves on offer including silk scarves, summer scarves, neckerchiefs, shawls, Pashminas, infinity loops, cold-weather scarves, linen and wool scarves, etc. 

For the love of silks, we instantly fell for their silk scarves. The entire silk collection was simply pure beauty, elegant, and soft. Expect soothing shades and colours like a peach blossom, red velvet, aqua summer, green forest, chocolate brick, green pearl, etc. Get these at INR 1,400 and upwards.  

Apart from silk they've got a great collection of woolen and winter scarves. So, if you travel often, we'd say definitely buy a pair of these for wrapping around in your flight journeys or winters. You can check them out online as they ship all across the country. Add to the cart already! 


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