This Clothing Brand Is Perfect For Those Who Believe In All Things Chic And Quirky

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What Makes It Awesome

We believe in styling yourself up as per your personality. It's the most comfortable decision to make because you're at peace with your own body, and the clothes that drape you. So when we stumbled upon this clothing brand called Simbolik, we knew we had to share!  

From overlay capes, to hoodies, jackets, and graphic tees, this new kid on the block seems to be killing it with its options. Simbolik is Tanisha Lekhraj's brainchild, and her brand's name draws inspiration from her pet Simba. With the dream of someday designing a clothing line for four-legged pooches, Tanisha started Simbolik. For starters, there's personality-based fashion for everyone. Be it street-style, or chic and classy outfits, there's something for all.

What stands out is the fact that she can customise your denim jackets to perfection. So if you're bored of the mundane plain blue denim that you own, you can trust her with her insane skills. Apart from that, the brand revamps your jackets with safety pins all over it. There are patchworks and motifs hanging from the back of the jacket, and it doesn't even look bad. It's bold by the look of it, and perfect for those rugged fashion days. Now that's some skill (Tanisha's father is the man behind Cotton World, in case you've shopped from there and loved it. And If you have, you will love Simbolik too) If you're wondering about size too, worry not, because Simbolik makes a lot of free-size clothing like wraparounds and skirts. 

So in case you're looking for something offbeat when it comes to fashion, know that you're just a click away from placing your order at Simbolik.