These 4 Products Are A Fit Girl's Best Friends

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I am one of those who genuinely enjoys working out and will not think twice before getting her hair sweaty, hands dirty or skin tanned (kids, please don't forget sunscreen!) 

I've been working out for 8 years now and I've tried and tested almost every formula when it comes to hair and skin care. From dry shampoos to washing my hair only twice a week, I mean it when I say I've tried it all!

After all that trying and testing, I have stumbled upon a handful of products that have changed the game for me. They've turned out to be my best buddies as I went for all my fitness vacations, early morning workouts and weekend sports.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to them.


Sunblock Lotion By Aroma Magic

Don't forget to apply sunscreen before you sweat. This advice applies even if you're working in the gym. Because you're going to be sweating a lot you also must ensure that your SPF is sweat proof. Opt for a product which is both water and sweat resistant. 

What I Love: Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion


Shampoos By Aroma Magic

Just like you wash away all the sweat from your body with soap, you also need to wash away the sweat from your scalp. Your scalp is skin too and needs to be sweat-free. Not washing your hair with shampoo will only clog the pores, thus resulting in hair fall and dandruff.

If you are sweating four times a week make sure your hair is also washed four times a week. Use light shampoos to wash your hair, and it helps to keep switching after every alternate wash.  

What I Love: Aroma Magic's Shampoos & Khadi Natural Herbal Shikakai Cleanser


KHADI Shikakai & Honey Hair Conditioner- SLS & Paraben Free

KHADI Shikakai & Honey Hair Conditioner- SLS & Paraben Free

Conditioners helps maintain the moisture content of your hair so that they don't end up looking dry and brittle because of all the sweat and constant washing. Once again opt for something which is chemical-free to minimize damage on your hair. 

What I Love: Aroma Magic Cream Conditioner & Khadi Natural Shikakai & Honey Hair Conditioner- SLS & Paraben Free


Adidas Pure Lightness Eau de Toilette For Women

This goes without saying but you'll be surprised to know how many people visit the gym without a deo on them. Not only does it help to spray some on before your workout but it is an absolute must after your workout. You gotta make sure that it's a pleasant experience to meet you, no? 

What I Love: Adidas Pure Lightness Eau de Toilette for Women


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