Art And Craft Lovers! This DIY Shop Tucked Inside A Quiet Lane Is Also Available Online

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What Makes It Awesome

Sky Goodies is a beautiful store dedicated to crafts, that is located in one of the quietest lanes of Khar and if you love everything art and craft, you must visit this gem of a store.

You will spot this beautiful shop located in a quiet lane from a distance. Coldplay sang "Lights will guide you home", but we say that lights will guide you to Sky Goodies, art and stationery shop that primarily promotes do-it-yourself (DIY) and works out of a tiny space smaller than your living room.

In a world which is now centred around mobile phones and laptop screens, duo Misha and Amit, left their techie high-paying jobs to pursue their dream of promoting the concept of DIY and spending time away from technology. 

A hot air balloon that hangs from the ceiling of skies, a water sprinkler that is actually a flower can cover, a paper aeroplane that drops not bombs, but chocolates and a mini typewriter that churns out calendar dates are only some of the many beautiful items that will catch your attention here. Each little ornament here is super easy to make, awesome to look at and keep in your room.

If you're not too much of a DIY fan, check out their readymade products such as butterflies to deck up that boring wall in your room, or matchbox notebooks (if you love writing). They also have matchbox cardholders which we found really funky (you can light your match with the cardholder)!

The best part? Everything (we mean everything), is priced between INR 99 and INR 499. So while it is quirky and unique, it is also super affordable and will definitely not burn a hole in your pockets. The best thing is that they are also available online and you can order via their website.


We suggest you visit their website and order online since we can't visit the store just yet. 

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