Have A Good Night: Buy Yourself Some Comfy Sleepwear From The Calm Collective

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What Makes It Awesome

Sleepwear is usually the most undervalued part of our wardrobe. Most of the times, we settle for anything random while going off to bed. Not realizing that it may actually leave effects on our skin, and maybe on the way we sleep. But The Calm Collective takes your sleep seriously for you, and creates the most comfy nightdresses that you'll ever wear. 

The Calm Collective uses fabric that's natural, light-weight, and hundred percent cotton. The silk and linen fabrics too have an ultra soft touch. Their collection comprises straight-fit pyjamas, boho-kaftaans, night shirts, night dresses, pyjama sets, and shorts that we really love. They've also got their latest collection on their site, and we feel that the kaftaans are a must-buy! Afterall, no harm in looking pretty while sleeping right? We love how stylish yet breathable they look, and for the kind of quality the brand's offering, INR 3,000 isn't really a hole in the pocket. 

Overall, we feel that this brand does not compromise when it comes to quality, as well as style. And if you're short of night dresses, you might as well stock up on some from them! 


You'll also find boxers and capris if you like to keep it short. 


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