This Quaint Little Eatery In Vashi Is Where You Need To Chill With Your Pets

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What Makes It Awesome?

The ambience of Big Burp Deli in Vashi is just gorgeous. Basic black and white interiors with a hint of colour, create a visual delight. There's a lot of daylight coming in, and it brightens up the spot beautifully. A perfect place for readers. One can pick a book from their library and enjoy reading as you sip along with a mug of hot chocolate {must have}. The staff is very polite and friendly. Unlike most new cafes, this quaint little eatery plays such soothing and mild music. I totally admired the fact that one does not need to yell while talking or placing orders. The food served is absolutely fresh and yum. Their menu is unique, blended with desi touches added to firangi dishes. And it's so pocket-friendly and leaves the tummy feeling light and comfortable.

What's My Pro Tip?

Also, it's a pet-friendly place so remember to bring your pups along. These guys are so welcoming, you'll absolutely love it.

Anything Else?

BBD's main aim is to provide equal employment opportunities to the lesser privileged sections of our country. Be it differently abled persons, destitute individuals or persons who have always been treated as a minority in society; BBD has an open door policy when it comes to employing people.

Also, they are open to hosting an array of activities and events like pop-up dinners and lunches with guest chefs, poetry reading afternoons, coffee tasting workshops, cooking workshops, lifestyle workshops, etc.

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