This Tiny Little Outlet Serves Some Amazing Delicacies In Matunga

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What Makes It Awesome?

Good food @thegoodfoodco.india located very near to Matunga central station. I went on the last day of Ganpati so it was very much crowded and roads were full celebrating the occasion and with that, even the outlet was full with people indeed they went out of stock because of so much demand and this made me very happy as seeing an outlet booming so well.

Staff was managing the outlet so well and were working in peace and guiding and helping each other perfectly. Although so many orders, he took my order with a smile on his face and that gesture made my day. After serving each dish he came to take views on how was it and was much concerned about the outlet.

I started with:

1. Bruschetta
- Spinach Corn Bruschetta: from the look, it seemed to a normal one but when I ate it, literally the cheese with spinach and corn were flowing from it and that site made me more drooling, super tasty and cheesy it was.

2. Sandwich
- Chilli Cheese Grilled Sandwich: it was normal grilled sandwich but the vegetables inside were so perfectly blenched that liked it.

3. Wrap
- Veg Patty Paratha Wrap, 'foodie Hoka paratha nahi khaya to kya khaya' on seeing it on the menu card I directly ordered it as many a time at home have tried it by putting stuff inside a thepla so wanted to try it in a paratha and it proved super yummy. Was tasty and different.

4. Side Kicks
- Falafel Salad: Kuch healthy ho Jaya and yes it was damn amazing. Getting tasty along with healthy dish combo is very rare and I this proved to be one the place where I found it.

5. Pizza:
- Farm Fresh Pizza: The best thing I found in the pizza was its base, it was different. Was crunchy and thin. Was super yum.,

Must try!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae