Picture Perfect Smile With Dentzz

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What Makes It Awesome?

Smile- who doesn’t like to smile, who doesn’t love to smile, who doesn’t fall in love with a smile but do we actually care about that smile?

Well, I completely understand that we do not have the time to care about such intrinsic details in our urban lives like the basic and most important part of our smile i.e our teeth.

I decided to take up a step towards the same and opted to visit 'Dentzz'.

The place is super spacious and comfortable and I felt really welcomed, kudos to their staffs. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I had my appointment with Dr Karishma Jardi and I must say she was extremely professional, reassuring and helpful to guide me about my dental treatment. We began with the consultation where she showed me what was needed step by step. They advised me to go for teeth cleaning session followed up by the instant teeth whitening treatment and I was amazed by their technology, the state of the art equipment and the attention they give to every intricate detail about each procedure. Also, it was painless and really easygoing.

The two hours spent at the clinic going through the various procedure helped me get back my picture perfect smile and I can’t wait for my follow up visits.

Besides the smile makeover, Dentzz also offers treatments such as implantation, alignment of teeth, laser root canal with the help of their minimum pain techniques.

That pampered feeling that a spa or a good meal can give you, taking care of your teeth hygiene gives you the same. So if you are looking for any dental treatments, enhancements or even looking for a general dental check-up, I would highly recommend visiting Dentzz.

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