Holy Smokes! Would You Try This New Smoky-Flavoured Pizza?

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Pizza aficionados, delight yourselves in yet a new type of pizza to try out – the mighty smoked pizza at sea-facing city favourite, Pizza By The Bay.


Remember when Pizza By The Bay introduced the flaming pizza? They had taken their already popular pizza, thrown a lil Old Monk & other alcohol on it and set it ablaze, and voila, we had the flaming pizza.

They have another trick up their sleeve this time with a new range of smoked pizzas. Essentially, they use an instrument called a smoke gun, bring a pizza to your table, and add some smoke to the pizza by covering it with the lid.

This adds a nice, BBQ-esque smoky taste to the pizza, minus the alcohol and the flambé.

What Kinda Pizza?

Vegetarians, try out the Smoky Mexican {with chipotle sauce, roasted peppers, corn and Monterey jack cheese}, Pizza Aguacate {an unusual combination with almond and guacamole involved} and Fumo Zucca {roasted garlic, pumpkin, sage and ricotta cheese}.

Non-vegetarians have three options as well, including Pollo di Fumo {blue cheese and chicken, anyone?}, Smoked Lahmacun with minced meat and The Fiery Italian with BBQ chicken, jalapeños and balsamic onions on it.

All the veggie pizzas are for INR 1,100 and the non-veg ones for INR 1,200.

So, We're Saying...

When it comes to pizza, toss it, stuff with cheese, set it on {carefully controlled} fire, or smoke it up, we’re gonna have a bite or two of it, thank you.
How about you?


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