Ten-Second Takeaway

We headed to Goregaon to check out the latest outlet of The Social, and found out that this one is all about the anti-consumerism – while being housed in the Oberoi Mall.

What’s it about?

A Social inside a mall? Interesting, we thought. From the outside, we could see mannequins with shopping bags and suitcases, arranged just like how they would be in the windows of a high-end store. But the inside spoke a whole new story. The new Social is a tongue-in-cheek take on the world of brands and shopping that follow strict guidelines.

To begin with, Social always manages to have interiors that immediately strike a cord with its guests. The exposed brick walls and dim, dark lighting work very well for a place that wants to give out that gothic feel, while still maintaining a relaxed, lounge sort of a vibe. We figured out that the interiors weren’t fully ready yet, but what we do know is that there will be plenty of installations inside with anti-consumerism slogans all around.

Big wooden tables with chairs that boast of intricate artwork, a big bar, a decently sized smoking room and ample room to move around are other key elements of their interiors.

The menu at the Goregaon Social is the same new menu at the Fun Republic Social, so expect some heady, potent cocktails coming your way while you munch on some delicious delicacies, served in true Social style.

So We’re Thinking…

Like every other Social, this one, too, promises to win your heart with its well-curated music and friendly service. And while all its other outlets have managed to make a special place in our heart, we think for those who live or work in Goregaon {if you’re coming all the way to just see this place, then good luck with the traffic}, this outlet was much-needed and is just what they’ve been waiting for.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB