Ten-Second Takeaway

Have you ever heard of soapy football? It’s exactly what it sounds like – football played on a soapy terrain. Here’s where you can go to have a very slippery and very fun time.

How Does It Work?

This awesome concept can be seen at Mad Over Sports, a sports company based in Dadar East, where they have set up a ‘soapy’ football field on the terrace of a building. The ground is covered with foam and a plastic covering, and the sides are protected with tubes to avoid anyone slipping too far. Once you’ve rented the ground, they will lather up the terrace with buckets of water, many many suds of soap, and let you at it.

The result? Two hours of mad fun, guaranteed to reduce the most serious of football players to giggles and bruises. With goalposts on each side, the two teams are left sliding around and falling over each other trying to win this game.

Mad Over Sports also has a trampoline, if you’re not done having crazy fun.

Anything Else?


Call up Mad Over Sports to book the ground, though on weekdays you can just show up since it tends to be less crowded. Be prepared to be super sore the next day, and don’t forget to carry a change of clothes and a towel. They do have a changing room, and while it isn’t the most appealing, it does the job just fine. The place is also pretty easy to find on Google Maps, so you won’t have to struggle getting there.

So, We’re Saying…

Definitely try it out. At INR 3,000 for an hour, it may seem steep, but 16 people can play at a time, cutting your individual cost down drastically.

Photos: Anubhav Chhabra