SoBo Vs Suburbs, Round One: Which Pav Bhaji Do You Love More?

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The age-old fight between Sardar Pav Bhaji and Amar Juice Centre is known to everyone, but which one is better? You can never tell because liking and disliking something are subjective matters, but we can only help decode the two.

What Makes Them Awesome

If you’ve lived in Mumbai long enough, then talks of the battle between Sardar pav bhaji, Tardeo and Amar Juice Centre, Juhu, for the best pav bhaji title will not surprise you. For years now, there have been several debates and discussions over this subject, but to no conclusion. Residents and loyalists of both areas will always vouch for theirs to be the best, so we thought, why not ask Mumbaikars yet again that after so many years, which one do they prefer? Majority voted for Amar Juice Centre when we Polled them on Twitter, and here’s what we think:

Let’s start with Sardar Pav Bhaji. If you love butter and feel that your calorie intake for the day isn’t enough, then make your way to the famous Sardar Refreshments (that’s what it’s called). This forever-crowded eatery is filled with hungry pav bhaji lovers, so be prepared to wait. Frankly, we think their pav bhaji is good, but not exceptional. To be honest, it’s loaded with butter, making it very rich and almost difficult to taste the actual flavours of the dish. Served with, again, very buttery pav, unless you’re interested in consuming that quantity of butter, we’d say you’re not missing out on much.

On the other hand, the pav bhaji at Amar Juice Centre is hugely different. Not to say they don’t add enough butter for you to notice, it blends in well with the tasty bhaji which is spicy yet quite tangy. We hear they add a special chutney powder to their bhaji that gives it a unique flavour, and also adds to its tanginess. This eatery is perpetually flooded with people, mostly college students during the day, so you will have to elbow your way through to get your hands on the city’s famous street food.

The Winner

Between the two, we’d pick Sardar, but having said that, we feel these two aren’t the only two in the race to win the number one position. Mumbai house thousands of pav bhaji lovers, which only means there are that many more eateries that cook up fantastic versions of this dish. So go on and explore!


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