Check Out This Great Place That Could Turn The Fortunes For Atria

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What Makes It Awesome?

South Bombay bar is the newest addition to not so popular Atria Mall which has been having a tough time competing with other malls in the city. Surely the addition of the likes of South Bombay bar and china gate group has bought the kid out from the closet. This place is huge with varied alternatives for sitting and the map of Bombay on the ceiling which is the center of attraction of the restaurant.
Some good one-liners can be seen imprinted on the wall, glowing with the helped of mounted LED lights to catch some attention, I must say.
The cuisine is a mix of modern India, Italian and a bit of Mexican here and there. 

The best part of the mixology section was the use of fresh fruit juice to prepare the drinks. The policy is strong considering the same, resultant of which we could not order a drink or 2 because of no availability of fruit. Kudos to the management considering canned juice mixing is high in many places.

Date & Saffron Frappe:- The first thing that caught my attention from the mocktail section with rare use of date and saffron as evident here. The drink from the point of a taste of dates was on spot and one would expect to taste the fresh dates considering 295 bucks that are charged. Saffron was not that evident from the drink, to be honest. Overall something worth trying. Recommended

MR rabbit with orange wings: - My friends view on this was that one gets the taste of all the ingredients in the first sip, as in none of the flavors overpowers the other. At the same time, orange is quite evident as the name of the drink goes. Again coming to whiskey part its taste properly and it's not in high proportion and perfect for a cocktail preparation. 

Virgin Mule:- Healthiest of the lot and the coldest as well. The brass glass in the shape of a whiskey glass containing mint leaves, citrus, and ginger to make the flavor quite powerful. Catch a cold! Did you?

Sriracha Paneer Bao: - The bao part was absolutely amazing especially the softness to it and yet less on stickiness. Bao part is 5/5. The paneer cubes of rectangular shape seem to have not flavored totally, especially from the inside. Otherwise, the taste on spot. Recommended

Blue Cheese Naan:- Not something everyone would love as it is not ideal for an Indian palate. But if you love it you can feel less guilty about the fat and calories because of its probiotic benefits for the gut and immune health. The chutney served was proper and a really good side for the naan. Go for it if you can handle strong flavors of cheese.

Crispy Corn Tempura:- More like a bar bite and less heavy on your tummy. Basic yet efficient. Loved it to the last bite.

Exotic Veg Chop Masala with vada pav masala paratha:- The chop masalas were made to the perfection as to the thickness of gravy, the preparation style including the mixture of spices and condiments suiting people of all ages and choice of level of spiciness. Its simply as you would love it. The portion size is ideal for one portion, the more modern approach to Indian main course dining system. The paratha was a bit underwhelming. Recommended

Sex in a Teapot:- Don't Try making sense of the name when you see the dish because you would immediately mean. Lol. Apart from that the cold vanilla ice cream and the soft freshly prepared brownie was proper and presented well. Recommended

What Could Be Better?

Blueberry kulfi. The flavours in the kulfi were clearly lacking

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1000 - INR 3000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Big Group

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