A Tiny Place Which Serves Sumptuous South Indian Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Anniyam small yet so good place to try out some good comfy south Indian food, located just 5min away from Andheri Infiniti mall, it has those vibes which we expect in any south Indian place.

The menu is short and simple and many new items are gonna be added in new menu shortly.

Comprises of dishes from Kerala, Mangalore it has to be tried if you are nearby this area.

Owned by Mr.Nakul who has beautifully crafted the menu and designed the place in a simple manner.

Service was good and the staff was polite.

talking about food and drinks,
As its summer time started off with some soothing drinks

1) Vasantha Neer :
Coconut is the main ingredient of south India , fresh tender coconut with a dash of lime basil seeds and pomegranate this drink was perfect to quench your thirst.

2) Idicha Nooru :
Highly recommend drink if u visit here. Spiced buttermilk with crushed shallots and curry leaves. A perfect balance of flavours to maintain that taste.

The food we tried,
1) Ghee roast idli:
Authentic Mangalorean style idli tossed in podi masala with dollops of ghee served with tomato chutney coconut chutney and coriander with sambhar.

2) Rava plain dosa :
Simple yet good plain Rava dosa served with three chutney and sambhar it had that crunch which was perfect.

3) Pesarattu Dosa :
Found this super delicious prepared from green mung dal and spinach which gave it greenish colour topped with green chillies and onions served with chutney.

4) Bisi Bele Bhat :
South Indians true love is hidden here. Bisi Bele bhat blend of rice lentils with Indian spice served with papad pickle and fried chilli flavours and aroma was totally to fall in love with this dish.

And last but not least was sweet dish namely sakkarai Pongal preparation of rice dal ghee with nuts, totally delicious!

Overall a place which has to be visited once!!

Cheers Team and All the best.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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