Tuck Into Some Nanna Authentic South Indian Thalis At These City Spots

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South Indian food tends to be clubbed with “tiffin” fare - idlis, dosas and medu wadas. Here’s a comprehensive list of places that serve up divine thalis that count as whole meals - most of which also include dessert. Read on!

Gughan Supreme South Indian

Gughan’s a Tamilian food-centric joint at Marine Lines. Serving up a great thali reminiscent of a typical sadhya, it costs INR 285 + tax, and is unmissable in our book. It’s got generous portions, so you’ll be full for a while. It's a 2-minute walk from the station.

South of Vindhyas

Feeling bougie? Head to The Orchid near the International Airport for a supremely balanced South Indian thali at South of Vindhyas, one of the in-house restaurants at the hotel. Served on copper vessels, the thalis will cost you INR 1,300 for the vegetarian thali, INR 1,500 for the non-vegetarian thali and INR 1,800 for the fish thali, not inclusive of taxes.

A. Rama Nayak Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding

At a super economical INR 200 for a full meal, this joint is a must-visit. Unquestionably legendary, they serve the saapadu on a banana leaf, as it’s supposed to be enjoyed!

Mani’s Lunch Home

Craving authentic South Indian food in Chembur? Here’s where you should head. Mani’s serves up a simple but filling thali at INR 80, including 2 veggie preparations, sambar, rasam, rice, and pickles. The special meal, served on a traditional banana leaf, complete with a mithai will set you back an economical INR 150.

South High

With 2 branches, one in Malad and the other in Lower Parel, South High’s got a beautifully balanced South Indian thali which is a 10/10! The vegetarian variant will cost you INR 250, the chicken variant will cost INR 325, the mutton will cost you INR 375 and the seafood variant will cost you INR 400.

Madras Diaries

In Bandra for a shopping expedition? We swear by Madras Diaries’ Lunch Thali! It’s available only between 12-3 PM, and it will cost you INR 520 for an indulgent, yet healthy meal. Wash it down with some filter coffee, and you’ll be pumped enough to continue shopping.


A favourite for everyone in the ‘burbs, Dakshinayan serves up a mean thali of saapadu at INR 300. Since the food here is super light, feel free to indulge in a rasam-vadai before your main meal!

Banana Leaf

To us, Banana Leaf is synonymous with comfort food. Their thali’s synonymous with, well, a huge plate of comfort food. Costing INR 340, the thali is a super filling meal by itself, but if you’re in the mood for something light, they’ve got loads of pre-set combos. Get a few if you can’t decide on one. Walk home!

Hotel Deluxe

A joint we’ve raved about before, Deluxe is another super economical and authentic bet - INR 168 will get you a full meal on an elai. We promise this matters, food just tastes better on elais.
It’s got a ton of non-vegetarian a la carte options too - the kappa biryani (INR 140), the mutton roast (INR 170) and the Tarli Fry (INR 90).

Kerala Lunch Home

A hidden gem through and through, if you’re a homesick Mallu scrolling through this list, we suggest you head here ASAP, machan. We promise you’ll feel right at home! You’ll love the chirpy couple who runs the joint - feel free to chat with them while you’re here. The vegetarian thali costs INR 110, and the non-vegetarian thali costs INR 140.


The Thambbi’s Special Thali at INR 200 is perfect for days when you’re super hungry, and need quick service! It’s a safe bet for a filling thali that is pocket-friendly and delicious. The thali specifically isn’t available for online ordering, but if you can’t go to any of the branches, we suggest ordering one of the meal boxes.


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