Expectant Mothers, Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable With These 5 Spas In Mumbai

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Got a baby on the way? It’s time you put your feet up, relax and get pampered for the bundle of joy that’s just about to be a part of your life. Take some time out to de-stress with these spas in the city that promise to help you with just that.

Myrah Spa

Myrah Spa, in both Juhu and Marine Drive, has specially trained pre-natal massage therapists that will help ease the discomfort and help you relax. The spa itself is gorgeous, with private plunge pools and suites that ooze off a Mediterranean vibe.

What They Offer: They have three types of massages for moms-to-be: the 75-minute pre-natal massage; the 30-minute calming ankle and foot massage; and the 90-minute acqua modellante, that treats, tones and sculpts your skin.

Shell Out: INR 2,360 onward

Fortis Mamma Mia

Fortis Mamma Mia works with a combination of treatments combining massages and reflexology. This service by Fortis Healthcare, has a number of tailor-made treatments to help alleviate physical discomforts such as morning sickness, backaches, water retention, and fatigue.

What They Offer: There's a massage package for three hours, in which your whole body gets rejuvenated. And there's a 20% discount too on it. 

Shell Out: Each session will cost you INR 3,500 and a package of 3 massages will cost you INR 5,600.


Chaired by actress-turned-businesswoman Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the spa offers a wide range of services including pre and post-natal massages. 

What They Offer: There are trained therapists who know how to alleviate stress, relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints and bring down the swelling in your arms and legs. 

Shell Out: INR 2,500 (plus taxes) onward for a one-hour long massage, followed by steam and shower. 


This Spa service in Marine Lines knows that pregnancy often shifts the centre of gravity in your body, leading to discomfort. Prenatal & post-partum massages are not only therapeutic through the pregnancy, but also post-delivery. 

What They Offer: They offer a customised pregnancy spa, to help you relax all your muscles. 

Shell Out: The pre-natal massage session for an hour will cost you INR 3,500 and post-natal massage will cost you INR 3,000.  

Rewa Escape

This one's in Mahalaxmi and it tends to disconnect you from the world (and honestly that's what you're for ladies, aren't you?) They're known for their Thai foot massages, forest essentials facials and Ayurvedic massages. 

What They Offer: The therapists are really well trained here and offer only foot massages to pregnant women. 

Shell Out: INR 1,500 onward


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