Take Your Date At This Stunning Restaurant In Goregaon!

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What Makes It Awesome

Mannrangi in Goregaon is one of the best romantic places I've seen off lately. Located on 13th Floor in the same tower as Bombard, this place has got all that you're looking for.

Firstly the interiors have been beautifully done with nude shades and beautiful chandeliers and a big bar table with pretty corners. As it is located on the 13th Floor in a Tower on Link Road, you can enjoy one of the best views in Mumbai while you enjoy your date. Went here with a colleague after office on a Thursday evening for dinner and some drinks.

We ordered:

1. Whisky Detox: Light refreshing drink with a punch of whiskey and infused with cucumber. This was one of the best whiskey-based cocktails I've ever tried!

2. Frozen Ocean: a vodka-based frozen drink made of blue curacao. This is a must-try drink!

3. Dosa Waffles: Dosa made in the form of waffles and served with coconut and powder chutney. So unique and so delicious! Don't miss this!

4. Dabeli Tarts: Crispy mini tarts with the filling of dabeli masala topped with cheese. This was altogether a different dish and so good! Loved it!

5. Chowk ki Tikki: a Lucknow dish made up of shallow fried green peas stuffed with potato patties, asafoetida, mint and cashew nuts and served with green chutney and onion. This had a very prominent minty aroma but it tasted a little bland. You can miss out on this dish!

6. Bhopali Achari Sabzi and Palak ki Puri: Sabzi with the flavours of Bhopal and very less gravy and vegetables like carrots, potatoes and french beans and eggplant. The veggies weren't chopped but it had big pieces and a very amazing and different gravy and were served with amazing palak puri. This was so yum!

7. Dal Makhni with ghee jeera rice: This was my favourite here Creamy dal makhani with ghee jeera rice. Rice was so properly cooked and had an amazing ghee flavour and when had it with creamy dal makhani. Wow!

8. Warm Shahi Tukda with Thandai Icecream: Layered Fried Bread in Ghee with reduced milk with a hint of saffron and served with thandai ice cream and biscuit crumbs. By far this was one of the best shahi tukdas I've ever ever ever tried!

This new place in Goregaon is one ideal date place with the best view!

How Much Did It Cost

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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