Some Like It Hot: Here's A Round Up Of The Spiciest Dishes To Try In Mumbai

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 If you love spicy food, it’s time to take up a challenge and add these foods to your bucket list. Not for the fainthearted, these dishes are going to set your taste buds on fire! We went around town looking for the mos spicy dishes in restaurants in Mumbai, and here’s what made us tear up, break out in a sweat, and fall in love with spice.

Fish Fry At Apoorva

This restaurant in Fort is a hidden gem, and  a comfort zone for home-sick Mangaloreans who miss their fish fry and seafood curries. If you love spice, try the Bangda Pulimanchi which is basically mackerel cooked in a hot and sour sauce, topped with red chillies. 

Fish fry is usually eaten by itself, but if you are looking to ease the heat, pair it with a neer dosa. 

Cost: INR 200 

Pindi Chole At Made in Punjab

This restaurant in Malad is frequented by patrons who love the comfort of home-style cooking, and if spice is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Try their pindi chole, a dish that is bound to make you sweat, huff and puff, and even tear up! 

Pair it up with bhature to ease the heat.  

Cost: INR 385  

Misal At Marutirao Misalwale

No list of spicy food is complete without a mention of the spiciest dish that Maharashtrians love- the misal pav. Head to Marutirao Misalwale in Lower Parel for breakfast, a quick snack or a comfort meal- their super spicy misal is perfect for every mood. 

Pair it up with chaas, or even a dry-fruit mastani. 

Cost: INR 60 onwards

Death Wings At Social

Death wings at Social are served with a warning- the spice is enough to make even the toughest guy tear up. Chicken wings prepared in a hot and spicy sauce served with mayo is quite the rage here, and a hit with spice lovers all over town. 

To ease the heat, pair it up with one of the house special LIITs. 

Cost: INR 280 

Kolhapuri Mutton At Purepur Kolhapur

With 4 outlets across Mumbai, Purepur Kolhpaur is one of the most popular Maharashtrian restaurants in town, and a hit with all those who love the spicy Kolhapuri cuisine. If you’re up for a challenge, order a plate of Kolhapuri mutton that’s prepared Kolhapuri masala and green chillies. 

To ease the heat, pair it up with jeera rice and chaas.

Cost: INR 275 

Naga Pork At Monkey Bar

Linking Road’s Monkey Bar uses extra hot Naga chillies in their Naga Pork, a recipe in which pork belly is slow cooked in spice along with fermented bamboo shoots. Want to know what it’s like to cry while eating? Bite into a piece of Naga pork and you’ll know. 

To ease the heat, pair it up with a cold pint. 

Cost: INR 420 

Nalli Nihari At Surti 12 Handi

The super delish Nalli Nihari is a rage here, and a total hit amongst those who love their spices. Full of spice, flavour and taste, you cannot stop yourself from going for another round, even when you’re tearing up.  

Pair it with a roti to ease the spice. 

Cost: INR 200

Red Chilli Ramen At Fatty Bao

Cooked in chilli broth with minced chicken, sautéed leeks, scallion and topped with soft-boiled eggs, the red chilli ramen at Fatty Bao is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, and a huge hit with spice lovers. One bite, and we know you’re going to fall in love with this too! 

End this spicy meal with a Cocoa Caramel dessert. 

Cost: INR 520 


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