Did You Know About This Wellness Village In Nashik?

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What Makes It Awesome

Three words: zen, peace and spiritual.

Mumbaikars, say hello to this wellness village which is just a four-hour drive from city's hustle and bustle. Called Viveda, this property is an integrated wellness village which beautifully envelopes ancient knowledge of wellness and health. Whether you need a quick break from your work life or are just looking for a getaway to simply relax - just grab your car keys and head here for some self-care and to nourish your mind and body. Spread across 40-acres, this property homes 16 handcrafted luxury cottages which are well-equipped with modern amenities. Hence, making it perfect for those who are looking to spend some time with nature without comprising on their comfort. And, did I mention, some cottages offer panoramic mountain view (& jacuzzi and a mini-bar). So, make sure you're booking the right cottage. Minimal designs, simplicity and chic contemporary touch, these cottages are divided into three types: Garden Cottage, Whirlpool & Jacuzzi cottage.  

Their packages start from INR 9,000 and upwards.    

Or you can opt for their Mind and Body Healing wellness packages as well. These vary from two to 21 days which include a one-on-one life consultation, natural nourishment to regain your body immunity, holistic therapies and lots more. They've got a bunch of wellness programs you can choose from depending on what you're looking to achieve from these. Whether you're looking for body and mind detox or stress management - just let them know about your specifications and needs. And they'll select a package or program best for you (and even customise it for you).  Some include an intense detox program, natural fitness program, pain management program, weight management program and more. 

All in all, you'll be entering a zen zone and you're surely in for a great wellness and a spiritual experience. And folks, it's perfect for a weekend getaway, so what's stopping you? 


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