Staying In Today? We Found Five New TV Shows You'll Love Binging On

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What Is It?

Going out is overrated. The traffic snarls and the undue pressure of dressing up just kills us.In a legit research, we found that the Return On Investment {RoI} on going out is considerably low. So, if you agree with us, here’s what to do with your S.O. at home while the whole world puts on black clothes and sashays into a pool of disappointment.

What To Watch

Let’s get you started with the dose of ‘don’t tell me who dies’ conversation. There’s amazing content to be absorbed and here’s our pick from every genre {almost}.

Rom-Com: Love {2016}

A very awkward, funny and kind-of very real account of two broken people coming together {or not}. It’s could be your go-to marathon watch. It’s directed by Judd Apatow – the father of realistic rom-coms.

Thriller: Wild Tales {2014}

This Argentine black comedy will keep you glued to your couch. A compilation of short stories of revenge, it’s creative, cringe-worthy and beautiful – all at the same time.

Horror: Under The Shadow {2016}

A Persian psychological/horror movie, it deals with the concept of war, relationships and spirits. A little on the slower side, it picks up in the second half and leaves you mesmerised.

Slapstick: Chewing Gum {2015}

A British show capturing the life of Tracey – a restricted, religious virgin who wants to explore the world. It’s quirky, different and Michaela Coel makes for an unusual but brilliant actor. We can’t wait for Season 2.

Documentary: Chef’s Table

An addictive concoction of food porn and an inside view of the culinary world, it makes for an interesting watch. You could learn a lot of things together and bond over the greatest love of all.

What To Eat

Food is an integral part of this sesh. If you’ve got wine or beer in place {BTW you can hit up this list to order in alcohol}, the next step is to order the grub. Our picks include the milkshake that comes in a cup made entirely out of chocolate at Tea Villa Cafe. If you aren’t the ‘get fat together’ kind of couple, order yourself a salad from Bombay Salad Co. – they are filling and won’t leave you feeling sleepy. After all, sleeping to shows is a thing. If you want to fancy things up, Kofuku is an option to pig put on Japanese fare at home. Wow, all the tasty food without the fanciness.

But if you’re more of the ‘value for money’ kind, always keep 5Spice in mind. Their food is tasty and you can feed a party with a bowl of rice from there.

Finish with desserts from La Folie Lab or Le 15.

So, We're Saying...

Close the doors, draw the curtain, keep cash aside and put an end to remote-control fights – all in a day!


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