Need Gift Ideas? This Funky Socks Subscription Should Do The Trick

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The Moja Club

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What Makes It Awesome

Moja Club is a subscription box meant for those with a bad memory and aversion to boring socks. Here’s why it'll make an ideal gift. 

If you often pass off your laziness as a fashion statement with mismatched socks, we may have found the solution to your morning ‘where are my socks’ nightmare, just before going to work. The Moja Club sends you a pair a month so that you don’t have to choose between a pair of plain deep blue and black polka-dotted socks. This is the coolest gift for all those socks lovers out there and believe us, they're quite a few! 

If your beliefs about going shopping exclusively for socks bend towards ‘why do I need to do this’, do yourself a favour and save that precious time. Going to a hosiery store never made it to anyone’s bucket list anyway. May the socks be with you! 

From beer to macarons, they have the coolest prints. The subscription sends you one pair (it’s a surprise, but they don’t repeat the design) every month.

Price: Starting at INR 399 for a month, one can choose from a three-month, six-month or a year-long subscription. You can also choose to buy them separately from their shop.


They usually take 1-3 days to process the order and another 1-5 business days to ship it. They ship their products Pan-India. When you order, you'll receive a tracking number that you can use to track. Please note deliveries may be affected by Covid-19.


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