Get Alcohol Delivered To Your Doorstep With A Permit: Here's How To Get An Alcohol E-Permit

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We've discussed, debated and argued over this topic for the longest time and now, there's a solution, provided by the Maharashtra state government, for those who wish to purchase alcohol legally. With a number of reports claiming that the BMC has given a go-ahead that alcohol can be home-delivered across the Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Pune, barring containment zones, there's one thing you need to do first - get your own permit, as stated in The Free Press Journal. Here's a step-by-step guide to being able to own a permit. 

Let's log on to the State government website to begin:

Step 1 - Get Your Photos Ready

Make sure that they're all jpegs. Here are the dimensions -

Passport size picture (20 kb or less)

Digital signature (20 kb or less)

Proof of id (between 70 and 250 kb)

Proof of address (between 70 and 250 kb)

Once you save these four images, remember to save them as what they are i.e. your picture will be saved as PICTURE. Also, remember not to put any spacing between letters. 

When it comes to saving your ID and address proof, save it as the document you are saving. For example, if your Aadhaar card is your ID and address proof, save it as AADHAAR and AADHAAR1. 

Step 2 - New User Login

On the State govt. website, on your right hand side, there is a login section. Click on 'New User' if you're registering for the first time. If you're a returning user, enter your User ID and password and enter the capcha code. As soon as you login, you have two options. The first is to verify your mobile number using OTP and then create a user ID and password. The second option is to upload all your documents. We recommend the second option because if you choose Option 1, then you will be required to upload documents for every application form you fill out (if that day ever comes) on the website.

Enter your personal details that include your full name, DOB and Father's name. Do note that if you're under 18, you can't proceed. You can't lie about your age because you will be uploading some ID proof. Enter your residential address and then your mobile number. You will also be required to enter your PAN Card details, following which an OTP will be sent to your registered number. Enter that code and you have officially registered. You will also be required to upload your photograph and signature, as well as proof of identity. Luckily, the website has an in-built picture cropping tool that will give your images the right size and resolution.

Step 3 - Log In & Apply For A Permit

You will then be redirected to the homepage where you can enter your User ID and password. Once you enter, you will see a list of departments on your left, choose the Home Department. Once you click on that, you will be given three sub-departments within the Home Department. Choose State Excise Department. Scroll to the bottom and choose, 'Permit for purchase, possession, transport, use and consumption of Foreign Liquor and Country Liquor in the State of Maharashtra (Annualor lifelong Permit) i.e. license in Form FL-XC granted under the Mumbai Foreign Liquor Rules, 1953.' Then click on proceed. You will be redirected to a new website, where you enter your details and upload all the images (as this is the State Excise Department's site, image uploading is necessary). Once this is done, you are taken to a payment gateway, where you pay around INR 1,035 for a lifetime alcohol permit.

Step 4 - Wait For A Day

Once the payment is done, you are given a receipt. Come back to the excise website by logging in the same way you did in Step 3, approximately 24 hours later. Your profile will have a list of columns. Scroll to the extreme right where you have something called the 'Licence Certificate'. Download that and your dream of owning a permit is fulfilled.

 Disclaimer: Please note that we're stating the basic steps that are required for this procedure. Please make sure you do your own research and follow the instructions mentioned in the website. LBB in no way promotes or is affiliated to any alcohol shop or brand. Please visit the State government's website for all the details and for any queries. 

Please also call the alcohol stores and confirm before placing any order.

Here are other news sources that have reported that alcohol home-delivery is now allowed in Maharashtra: CNBC TV 18, India Today, and The Times Of India.


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