Check Out These 4 Stunning Artists Who Create Magic With Their Artwork!

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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community, at Queer Made.  

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower queer, entrepreneurial voices. We’ve come across some unique businesses which you can explore and shop from! This curation aims to celebrate artwork in all its forms, from adorning your walls with beautiful paintings to portraits that can go up on your bedside table. Take a look.


After professionally working as a graphic designer for over a decade, Shubnam quit their job to work on their art. Their work revolves around their experience with body, gender and sexuality to critiques of toxic masculinity, transmisogyny, sexual violence - all while using desi queer erotica in a mischievous way. They have published two projects - the first is called Shakuntalam (a series of 12 artworks on rediscovering one’s own body), and the second is a visual autobiography with 100 artworks along with personal write-ups, called Sediments. It’s an ode to reflecting on personal memories over time. Go check out their Instagram page, it’s a treat! You might even end up buying some of their art for yourself!

Report an issue - Ish

Don’t let the name fool you, the only issue you’ll be reporting is too cool aesthetics. Ish, based in Chandigarh, started Report An Issue as a passion project to try her hand at various skills - only to have it stick for her for almost a year now. Report An issue produces amazing portraits, logos, and stickers for small businesses while giving Ish a creative outlet to track her art progress. Go take a look! Our personal favourite is the Breakfast Club, an illustration depicting her favourite team!

Silvi Panchal

If you want art with a pop of colour and a hint of badass-ery, look up Silvi Panchal. She is an interior and graphic designer who loves breaking her own creative rules and is motivated even on bad days. A reflection of herself, her art is minimalist with a tinge of queer and colour. In case you’re in and around Ahmedabad, you can see her artwork across CEPT University. A one-person army, she aspires to open her own studio one day. Head over to her profile to give her some love, though we’re sure you won’t leave without wanting her to make something for you.

Ahuti Sharma

Love occult and posters? So does Ahuti, an artist and brand consultant. Her love for fashion, the supernatural, films, graphic design, and posters drive her work. She loves to experiment with materials, while her work is mixed media/acrylic illustrations or abstracts on paper or canvas. She plans to open a shop and start her website, so personalised merchandise lovers look out for that. While you wait, go ahead to her profile, slide into her DMs and get your favourite artwork delivered home!