#LBBPicks: Corona, Jack Daniels And More Boozy Desserts In A Jar

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Sugarbaby, a Bandra home bakery whipped into being by Natasha Lulla, makes the most decadent desserts in a jar and loaded cakes.

Sugar, Honey Honey

Do you believe in non-discriminatory love when it comes to your dessert and drinks, and would do anything but skimp on either? Us too. And Sugarbaby gets us all. They make the most amazing Jack Daniels Chocolate Ganache dessert in a jar {the best of both worlds} and also give the choice of two other kinds of boozy jar sweets – tres leches with Malibu rum and a Corona lime cream cheese. Yu-hum. For a more sober selection, you can dig into a peanut butter chocolate flavour, red velvet cake or a vanilla chocolate, always a classic.

Perchance, little jars aren’t your thing and you prefer the more direct attack approach, let us introduce you to their chocolate loaded cake. This is an indulgent and fearless cake filled from top to bottom with Ferrero Rocher chunks and Nutella, and some more on top. We also flipped when we heard about salted caramel and popcorn cakes by her. She has many other flavours, and would happily customise your package according to your taste buds.

So We're Thinking...

Head to Natasha’s home with a spoon in hand for these unique and boozy desserts.


You have to place your order with Natasha a couple of days in advance, so hit her up when you feel the sweet cravings coming on.

Where: Only on order, to be picked up from her residence on Pali Hill, Bandra

Price: INR 500 for the alcoholic desserts in a jar {for 300 gram}, INR 400 for the non-alcoholic desserts in a jar, and INR 2000 {for 1 kg} of a loaded chocolate cake.


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