Head Over To This Pet-Friendly Cafe In Thane For Those Perfect Sunday Brunch

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What Makes It Awesome

Happiness for me is lazy Sundays with great food and only then I can be a satisfied cat mother. If that's your idea of a happy weekend too, Fooze in Thane is exactly where you need to be. This was the second time for me and my BFF here. Last time, we got high on food and hence all the more reason to be back there. But this time, it felt gazillion times better! Why do you ask? After oversleeping and almost missing our cat's {Diana} appointment at the vets, we were in an immediate need for proteins ourselves. So, we decided to go back to this awesome cafe we had bumped into a month back {pretty close to Planet Animal Hospital}. But there was one big problem - where to leave the cat!?

So we planned to go and simply opt for a takeaway, like always! But my BFF insisted upon asking the person across the counter if we can sit outside with the cat. To our surprise, he said yes and even came outside to meet Diana. When I went to place our order, he offered that we can sit inside too if we want! We insisted on sitting outside as we didn't want to bring trouble to the other customers. That's when the other owner {both of whom are chefs as well} allowed us to remain inside

Coming to the food, it was as delicious as the first time. We ordered some lip-smackingly good pork poutine. Followed by two foodgasmic burgers - Classic Pork and American Classic Chicken burgers to be precise. Each burger was accompanied by a healthy amount of fries. For drinks, my bestie went for her signature black coffee while I opted for their 'just the right amount of sugar' based cold coffee. After an hour of smoking and talking {with Diana enjoying her first day out like a queen}, we called for a refreshing Peach Iced Tea. Personally, I'm not a fan of ice teas but this time, I actually finished it by myself.

What's My Pro Tip?

A must visit for all the ones who cringe at the thought of leaving their furry friends behind.

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