Cheap Booze, Great Chakhna & The Jukebox: Here's Why We Love Sunlight In SoBo

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've lived or even studied in BomBae, you'll have one youngster telling you about #SunlightStories. Yep, it is a thing. In the bylanes of Kalbadevi, near Marine Lines, lies a tiny (shady, but not-so-shady) bar with the best vibes (yes, the writer of this article is biased, deal with it) There's cheap alcohol, great food, a jukebox, and more. Here, we give you reasons to fall for Sunlight if you love it shady, and trust us, this experience will grow on you. 

You’ll usually find college students thronging here to get a cheap drink and a plate of masala papad. You’ll also see middle-aged men trying to decode the latest policy passed by the government. They also have TV screens to keep you occupied, a juke box that belts out everything from U2 to Alisha Chinai’s ‘Made in India’. Rule no. 1 if Sunlight's on your mind- you don’t go to there for the food. Leave your taste buds and your imaginary mental food blog at home. The safest bet here would be the snacks and Chinese. They're great at Chicken 65, sandwiches, and the good old chakhna of peanuts marinated with lemon and diced tomatoes and onions. Their murukku with schezwan chutney makes for a great chakhna too!

Now let's talk drinks. The air-conditioned area will cost you more. A beer will come for INR 210 in the non-a/c area and INR 260 in the a/c area. Sunlight doesn’t serve cocktails so don’t expect to sip mimosas on a Sunday morning here. Instead, trust the Old Monk and dive in to what will be a no-nonsense drinking session. Call for Vijay Ji, a highly trustworthy manager at the bar, in case you have a specific requirement. Otherwise, mostly all waiters there are good and the service is super quick. 

Sunlight holds a very high nostalgia value among students and the regulars. A great place for a fun and sasta date, if your partner likes it shady too. A great place to chill with your college gang, Sunlight's a memory maker. 


Getting a seat is the problem in the A/C section (which is more happening) so the wait's gonna be longer on a weekend or a Friday night. But its all worth it! 


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