Super Duper Deals: This Brand Has The Best Discounts On Kitchenware & Home Accessories

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What Makes It Awesome

We discovered a supermarket called Super 99 inside The Seawoods Grand Central mall in Navi Mumbai that literally has everything that your home needs. And even though we cannot visit the place right now, no harm in adding things to our cart online, right? Here are a few things that are a must-buy from this brand. 

Baking Essentials-If you're a passionate baker, you've got to shop from here. From mixing spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, and silicone baking mats to cooling racks, pastry and cookie cutters, and muffin and cheesecake pans, you will find it all at Super 99 store from INR 499 onward.

Quirky Kitchenware - Elephant mugs, ice cream-shaped pepper and salt dispensers, trays and racks for glass bottles, and much more. Super 99's variety in kitchenware will make you want to buy everything, if like us, you're a hoarder of all pretty things for your kitchen too (starting at INR 199) But, apart from this, they have a lot of useful stuff at such cheap rates that you'd definitely want to pick some up. Spoons & fork set, anyone?

Cutesy Wallets-We loved how simple yet chic the designs are. You will find wallets in monotone colours, and pop culture embellishments. Our personal favourite was the unicorn wallet in a range of colours. They have coloured pouches in different materials, small bags, clutches and a host of different cute shapes. You will get them from INR 249 onward

Eye-catching vases-They have earthy-coloured vases which are super elegant to adorn a corner of your table and you'll love how inexpensive they are. Super 99 has insane deals and discounts on almost all items, so that's a plus. Our favourite was a vase in blue with clocks drawn on it. If you're lucky and rummage around a bit, you'll find ceramic vases in gorgeous bright tones with specks of gold. We've got our eyes on those! And they start at INR 699. 

Lamps and Lampshades-They've got Persian lamps, lamps in deep colours, and stands in copper and brass from INR 899 onward, that have caught our fancy. And in case you want to add a few hanging lamps, they have that too. 


Super 99 has discounts and crazy deals throughout the year and products start from as low as INR 9. And apart from our favourites listed here, they also have a range of toiletries, stationery, snackable items, pretty paper bags, and beauty products at discounted rates. So head to their website and go grab your share! 


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