Live The Sustainable Life: Shop From This Mumbai-Based Label

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What Makes It Awesome

NIFT graduate Priyanka Prasann's brainchild, Plushpalette is a label that's all about living the sustainable life. What's great about this brand is that all their clothing is made of 100% cotton and everything from the clothing itself to the even accessories and packaging they use are eco-friendly. Their packaging and accessories are in fact made from waste materials too, which is pretty awesome, we think. 

Browse through their collection and you'll find interesting patterns and weaves, funky designs and cuts and a pop of colour that sure makes for a fun addition to your wardrobe. Each of their collections are limited stock as well, so you'll spot something new regularly. We spotted themes inspired by different concepts like Art Deco, Abstract, Indie Groove, and Lotus Love. Among the accessories, you'll find hand-embroidered slings and bags to pair with your outfits too.

Prices start at around the INR 3,000 range, which means this isn't cheap by any means, but if you are tired of the run-of-the-mill high street brands, then you may want to check them out. 

What Could Be Better

The prices are slightly on the more expensive side, however for a homegrown label that's all about the sustainable, organic and waste-free life, plus the fact that they have original designs, this does not seem like a bad deal.


Check their website and socials regularly for updates on their collection.