Swag Tera Desi: Flaunt Super Cool Jewelry, Bags, & Stationery From This Brand

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Swag Satrangi

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What Makes It Awesome

Welcome to another article where we tell you how to splurge and deplete your bank balance, for all things good though. So if you're a hoarder of quirky products then you may continue reading further as we introduce you to Swag Satrangi. This one's an indie brand curating colorful and unique jewelry, footwear, bags, stationery and so much more. Keep the money ready and start scrolling down already, will you? 

At Swag Satrangi, each design caters to artistic, ambitious and fashion conscious women who want to experiment by buying unique  designs. If you really want your swag to be highlighted, invest on their varied range of pop culture jewelry, bags, badges, stationery and so much more. They've got super cool 'Proper Patola' earrings, and ones where even your name can be ingrained. Yes, personalization is an option here. They've also got necklaces and chokers, maangtikkas, bangles, rings and bracelets. In cae you have a footwear fetish, buy the sliders with quotes like 'You are Free' or 'Be Cool, Be You'. nd if you want to bag it right, then going for the wooden bags, slings, or the Banjara bag with tassels is a good idea. 

Apart from this, Swag Satrangi sells unique notebooks and diaries too. 95% of the notebooks are discarded after use. So they started making eco-friendly and super quirky reusable notebooks instead. Then there are cool brooches,, keychains and charms starting at INR 299. Also, if the artist in you wants to indulge in some DIY, you'll be happy to know that they also provide craft supplies. With so many pretty things, we're spoilt for choice here, and are already adding things to cart. What about you? 

Shell Out: INR 299 onward 


If you're looking to gift something unique to someone, this brand may come handy. 


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