Go Splash: Affordable Swimming Pools In Mumbai

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Often, swimming pool memberships come with a hefty price tag spilling over on to six digits for a yearly membership. We have found a few pools that allow non-members to dip their feet in the pool (without being asked to leave) and not splurge all their savings at the same time. Read on! 

Matoshri Arts, Andheri

At the Matoshri Arts Swimming Pool in Andheri, which mainly works on a membership system, non-members can come in and swim at specific timings in the day and evening.

Shell Out: For 16 sessions a month, it is INR 4,000 for adults and INR 2,000 for kids.

Timings: The pool is open from Tuesday to Friday and they have two batches. The morning batch starts at 7 AM and ends at 8 AM. In the evenings, come by 5 PM, because the classes end by 6:15 PM.

Take Note: These are coaching classes and they don't have the option of using the pool without a coach at this time. Lifetime memberships are available too, and you can call their Admin office for additional details.

YMCA Pool, Byculla

The YMCA is quite well known in the circuit, offers two membership plans at affordable rates- an annual plan and a bi-mothly plan. We advise you opt for their annual plan which is reasonably priced.

Shell Out: The annual plan costs INR 11,110 for adults (seniors). You can also opt for basic coaching classes at INR 500 here.

Timings: There are three batches in a day. The first one's at 6:30 AM, the second one's at 7:15 AM and the third one's at 8 AM (45-minutes each) 

Take Note: Classes are held through the week - Tuesday to Saturday, and Sundays are only for swimmers. 

Evershine Club Swimming Pool, Kandivali East

Looking for a swimming pool in Kandivali? The Evershine Club swimming pool is one of the few that has an affordable membership plan, in which you can use all the facilities for an individual person.

Shell Out: An annual membership will cost you only INR 12,980 (plus taxes). A lifetime plan is also available and the maintenance fee for this is INR 8,850 per year. This gives you unlimited access to the gym, yoga classes, table tennis and swimming pool.

Timings: The morning batch starts at 7 AM and ends by 9 AM. In the evening the classes start at 5 and end by 9 PM. 

Palms Water Club, Kalyan

If you live or work around Thane, you can pop into the Palms Water Club swimming pool, which doesn’t require a heavy duty membership fee to avail.

Shell Out: For three months, you have to pay INR 6,500 for unlimited classes and INR 25,000 for an entire year.

Timings: The pool is open in the mornings and evenings through the week. It starts from 6 AM and shuts at 9 PM so you can even get a pre or post-work swim to stay fit!

Take Note: The pool is shut for use on Mondays.

Karnala Sports Academy and Swimming Pool, Panvel

This academy is all about sports, and you can find inspiration everywhere as you walk through the grounds and courts and see the competitions and activities around.

Shell Out: You can sign up for their swimming classes within 1,100 INR per month. 

Timings: The academy has two batches-morning 7 to 10 AM, and evening 4 to 8 PM. 

Take Note: Check out their membership deals for family and corporates.

Elixir Gym, Andheri

A membership here gives you access to the pool, steam, sauna, locker rooms, as well as consultation with a physiotherapist. Besides, they offer pay-per-session rates, and swimming coaching classes too.

Shell Out: Check out the monthly membership for INR 2,500. You can also opt for an annual membership at INR 13,500. 

Timings: The pool is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and there are two batches. The morning batch starts at 7 AM and ends at  11 AM, and the evening batch starts at 4 PM, and ends by 10 PM. On Sundays, the batch's from 11 AM to 8 PM. 

Asmita Club, Mira Road

This swimming pool in Mira Road is perfect for those who’re looking to get started with swimming this summer.

Shell Out: Their memberships begin at INR 6,000 for 3 months, INR 9,000 for 6 months and INR 12,000 for a year.

Timings: The morning batch starts at 7 and ends by 9 AM. 

Take Note: They also offer pay-per-session deals. They also have combined packages for both gym and pool memberships.  

Pransukhlal Mafatlal, Girgaon

Now this one's a very old swimming pool wherein you don't really need to be a member to be able to use the pool. Just make sure that you know someone who is a member here, and visit the pool with them, to be able to swim it out.

Shell Out: INR 120 per session from Monday to Saturday and INR 240 per session on Sundays

Timings: It starts from 7 AM and goes on till 11 AM. 


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