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Swiping Right Ain't Working? Here's How You Can Find Love Instead

Nikita posted on 27 April


Have you been looking for your partner in all the wrong places? Or are always stuck with single people your friends and relatives keep pointing in your general direction? No wonder you aren’t getting anywhere. We’ve found you someone who knows better than pushing you to go out with that stingy, bachelor-next-door. Meet Footloose No More, a dating site that organises fun, interest-based events to help you meet the right match. Think brunches, outstation trips and a whole bunch of city events.

Out Of Office Romance, Anyone?

Even if you love your job and have made best friends with your work buddies, you would still not want to chill with them post working hours. Right? We get it that you need fresh faces at the end of a long day at work that doesn’t involve the water-cooler creep. Interestingly, there’s a corporate brunch happening in town for all you singles who are looking to socialise and network with like-minded workaholics {win-win situation}. Did you just move into the city? ‘Tis the  chance to find your kinds.We know you’re thinking crowds but hey, that won’t be an issue as the entry is ‘by invite only’ cus no one wants hanky panky business. Register here to network and chill.

People Who Trip Together, Stick Together

Tired of flying solo? Book a vacay with a bunch of strangers {best way to get to know someone, we think}. Who knows, you might hit it off with someone over a Chai and Maggi. If you’re worried about being bundled up with creeps on a raft, fret not. That’s not the idea at all. We understand that being with a safe group of people is of utmost importance and we happen to know about a trip to Ladakh in July that we think will be perfect for you {peeps behind the desk are going to have a full background check done before they get you or anyone on board}. Enroll here.

Looking For A Weekend Dateaway?

If you’re not looking to experiment much in your free time, you could also go out on a Saturday evening meet someone at the bar {old-school is forever}. Since alcohol could make you forget things {and numbers}as long as you remember their name, you can find them on the website and know more about ’em. Register here and get invites to their Saturday night parties. It’s going to be your usual kinda affair.

Love At First Sight's Always A Great Idea

We feel you when you say you got no patience for long conversations or you believe in spontaneous combustion more than awkward silences . These speed dating events are the answer to your worries. They happen regularly, so sign up for updates. Need a Wing-man/woman? Don’t worry, the founders of Footloose are going to be there to break the ice for you if need be. Entry to this event {just like all the above} is by invite only, cause hey! They keep the creeps to the streets.We can’t tell you the venue just yet {Yup! This is how serious they are about their screening process}. Register here to be on their guest list. For more information, follow them on Facebook here. This Article is in partnership with Footloose No More.