Twice As Fabulous: Taftoon Turns Two And Launches An All New Menu

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What Makes It Awesome

With its easy, contemporary sophistication, Taftoon draws you into a memorable dining experience. Browse a menu that spans the expansive Grand Trunk Road, as you choose each dish, the mood for the evening set by a soundtrack of easy-listening jazz. What's fascinating about the menu here is the sheer array of dishes that hail all the way from Afghanistan to Bangladesh with a spotlight on the regions that wind along the stretch. And while you might imagine these cuisines wouldn't tie together into a cohesive whole, it's surprising how complementary the flavours truly are - a shout out to the careful curation of each dish that's made its way to the menu.

To celebrate its two-year anniversary, the restaurant has launched an all-new menu. An evolved version of their original one, this menu is expanded to include even more dishes from regions like Kashmir, Bengal and Awadh. Here, each cuisine has its own dedicated head chef, something rather unusual for an independent restaurant of this size. Thankfully, all possible kitchen battles remain squarely out of sight and off your plate, with not a single dissonant note through the entire meal. From posto-rich curries (Dom Potoler Dolma) to a painstakingly prepared Kashmiri dish made with 4-hour hand-pounded mutton (Rista) to a smoked sliced lamb in rich gravy (Peer Dhuan Gosht) that stopped us in our tracks, and a tandoori prawn (Methi Moringa Ka Jheenga) that melted in the mouth, each dish told its own story. The flavours here are subtle, and we didn't find the spice levels as overpowering as they can be on occasion. Dessert too, was a memorable affair, and the Afghani Hazel Gosh Feel reminds you of the vastness of the Grand Trunk Road and the different influences that have shaped our regional cuisines over the years. 

We suggest you ask for recommendations when you dine here, as there is something for every palate, and you might find it hard to choose between all the different cuisines. Considering there's a smattering of options from the streets of Amritsar (a particular favourite) to Kolkata, Kanpur, and Benaras and re-imagined Dhaba fare from the highways of Punjab to the royal kitchens of the Nawabs, it's truly a culinary journey at Taftoon.

What to Eat: Kathal Ki Chapli, Methi Moringa Ka Jheenga, Peer Dhuan Gosht, Kaali Dal, Lal Naan, Hazel Gosh Feel

Go With: Bae for a date night or a special occasion dinner with family