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Got A Sweet Tooth? These Sinful Nutella Dishes Are Worth Cheating On Your Diet For

Most desserts haven’t reached their full potential until they’ve been lathered up with chunks of Nutella. Wait, why stop at just desserts? Now that we’ve gotten it out in the open, let’s take you through our list of Nutella dishes that have made the cut. Nutella lovers, you can now go and celebrate Valentine's Day everyday!

Enjoy a hearty meal at Mirchi & Mime in Powai, but don't forget to save some space in your tummies for their Nutella & Toffee Tarte Fine, a dessert that is full of dark chocolate and chocolate ganache, it's so sinful. Just make sure that you've planned your visit well in advance, and book your table before you head out. It's really popular and hence is almost always packed. 

Shell Out: INR 245

Raasta is popular for its awesome dining experience and the music that adds to the ambiance of the place, but not many might be aware of its Nutella dessert called The Raasta Special. Neatly tucked away on some page with no indication of being a Nutella dessert, you might just miss it if you don't look out for the name. It’s a delectable pastry with a melange of Rastafarian colours and generous amounts of luscious Nutella. Are your mouths watering already?

Shell Out: INR 225

Served in the Nutella jar, this freak shake comes with all sorts of toppings and will require at least two people to finish it {unless you’re one hungry customer!}. The toppings include chocolate waffle rolls, Oreo biscuit crumbs and pieces, chocolate sprinkles and lots of ice cream. We’d suggest you carry a bib because this sure sounds and is messy!

Shell Out: INR 265


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