The Perfect Fit: This Brand Tailors Clothes To Fit You

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all been there: buy new clothes only to find that they fit strangely or sometimes, not at all. We are not one-size-fits-all, so why should our clothes be, right? That's where Tailormade comes in. 

Tailormade makes clothes to fit your size and your taste. Their aim is to create comfortable and stylish clothes that are ideal for every day. You just need to choose the fabric, give them your measurements and they will get the outfit stitched to your size. And for those of us looking not just for the perfect fit, but also a more sustainable way of living, they pride themselves on not wasting any fabric, which in my book is a win. 

Besides clothes, we also spotted hair scrunchies made with cotton and silk that won't yank you hair, ready-to-stitch dress material, bed linens in lovely prints, cotton face masks and more.

WFH sets at INR 950 , dress materials at INR 1150, hair ties from INR 200, masks INR 300 for 5.


You can order via their Instagram page. Let them know your measurements and they will customise your clothes to fit. Shipping outside Delhi NCR is chargeable.