All Things Turmeric: This Restaurant Pays Tribute To The Most Treasured Spice In Our Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

Turmeric, as a spice, is an instant representation of the Indian kitchen. More so because it has brilliant healing skills as a condiment.  And there's one restaurant in the city, Talli Turmeric, that's serving all things made of turmeric. We tell you why you should pay it a visit or get some food delivered home. 

This turmeric-centric restaurant serves up dishes that are nothing but an explosion of taste, flavour, aroma, and color. From smash-hit Indian delicacies to juicy charcoal-grilled tandoori kebabs, they serve it all. If you're stumped on a particular cuisine they serve, let's just say that it is a marriage between North and South India.

We had paid it a visit before the pandemic kicked in and we'll tell you what we tried - we started off with what's known as a GW Amrit, which is a concoction of some gin, whiskey, local masalas, lemon chunks, and Coke. It was refreshing, and sour, and is for INR 475. Our main course was all about a piping hot plate of Dum Ki Nalli for INR 495, which has lamb-shanks dipped and tossed in a lot of Indian spices. We moved on to our all-time-favourite seekh kebabs, that have won our hearts. They were succulent, juicy, and everything awesome. For INR 395, its one of the many good starters they offer.

Their signatures include gunpowder potatoes, an Andhra delicacy for INR 250, and if you're a sucker for Mangalorean cuisine, don't miss out on their Mangalorean kozhi ghee roast for INR 295. This recipe comes from the regions of Karnataka, where the chicken is roasted in ghee with spices, and served on a bed of crunchy bean sprouts.

Talli Turmeric takes cultural diversity to another level with signatures like paanch foron maach (fish cooked in authentic Bengali spices); massor tenga (an Assamese version of fish curry) and laal maas from Rajasthan. In case you're looking to fix your sweet-cravings, go for their hot jalebis with rabdi for INR 225 (this combo never ever fails.) 

This fine-diner is currently open for food delivery and even to book a table. When we spoke to them, they made it clear that all safety precautions are being taken, but then again, we would advise you to wear your masks, carry hand sanitisers and practice social distancing if you do decide to pay it a visit. Stay safe and bon appetit! 


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