Tamasha: The Perfect Place To Party With Your Friends

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What Makes It Awesome?

As soon as I entered Tamasha, it felt like thousands of little bulbs twinkling like stars in the sky covering the entire ceiling. It was a perfect setting to start the evening. The lights go dim with every passing hour making it a perfect place to party.

Tamasha is the perfect party place to enjoy with a bunch of friends over great drinks and food. Spacious with high chair seating and normal sofa seating arrangements too. The staff is friendly and helped in recommending a few of the dishes.

We tried the following items from the menu:

-Tamasha Punch: A perfect cocktail with lots of fruits. It had crushed watermelon, pineapple, and fresh lime pieces along with mixed fruit juice and some fresh cream on the top. I loved the taste and was very refreshing. Go for this only if you like fruit pieces in your drink.
-I Love Tamasha: Cocktail with vodka, pomegranate juice, fresh lime, and passion fruit. It was topped with pomegranate and rosemary.
-Mona Darling: Again a vodka drink with fresh watermelon, basil leaf, cinnamon stick on flaming passionate fruit syrup. Poured some white smoke into the glass from a bottle of dry ice. It looked very beautiful.
-Lambi Nasheeli Chai: Served in a beautiful horn shape glass with a wooden holder. It had vodka, rum, gin, tequila, orange liqueur, elderflower, red wine and coke. It was one hell of a drink. Go for this if you like mixology of all liquors together.

-Tikka Trilogy: 3 different types of chicken tikka perfectly marinated & cooked in a tandoor. It was served with mint chutney and onions on the side.
-Magic Prawns: Perfectly tossed butter prawns served with buttered baguette slices to go along as a perfect combination. Loved each bite of this combination.

-Jack Daniel infused Dal Makhani: Now this was unusual. This was a typical dal makhani served in a jar, on which a shot of Jack Daniel is smoked and added live on the table. This was served with four baby naans. The taste of JD was very prominent in this dal.
-English Roast Chicken Fillet: Two pieces of perfectly roasted chicken fillet with baked broccoli and mushroom soft polenta. It was served with mushroom gravy, plum tomato, and beans by the side. This is an ideal dish to have if you are looking to order just one complete dish for yourself. I loved this overall.
-Vodka Chicken Biryani: Never tried Biryani with vodka, so definitely had to try this one. Vodka soaked chicken smoked dum biryani served with papad and raita. The flavour of Vodka wasn’t very prominent in the biryani but was tasty.

-Banoffee Cheesecake Jar: A jar filled with layers of cream cheese, caramel, and walnut nougat. It was topped with freshly sliced baked banana glazed slices with honey and sesame. One of a filling dessert to end the meal.
-Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake Bottle: A jar filled with Walnut brownie and dark chocolate mousse. Topped with Belgian chocolate shaving, nuts, and edible flowers. I loved the creaminess of the mousse.

Tamasha which means a grand show lives up to the name. The ambience is nice, the staff is courteous, the drinks and the food are simply wow!

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