Summer Tan Troubles? Stock Up On These 16 Products, From Scrubs To Face Packs

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What's the one thing that's always bothering us in the summers? It's getting tanned. If you are one of those peeps who's always trying hard to get rid of that uneven tan, welcome to the club and summertime definitely doesn't make it easier! We swear by these products when we need a quick fix. You can try them out too. 

P.S. Don't forget to use SPF!

Detan Face Packs

De-Tan Removal Face Pack, Bella Vita Organics

De-Tan Removal Face Pack For Glowing Skin, Oil Control, Acne, Pimples, Blemishes, Pigmentation & Brightening, with Applicator Brush 100 gm

De-Tan Removal Face Pack For Glowing Skin, Oil Control, Acne, Pimples, Blemishes, Pigmentation & Brightening, with Applicator Brush 100 gm


Bella Vita calls itself the new age of Ayurveda and obviously has products made from natural ingredients, free from any chemicals. The hero ingredients of this face pack are kaolin, lemon and camphor which work together to repair dull and tanned skin while also having a soothing effect on inflamed skin. What more do we need?

Key Ingredients: Lemon (antioxidant), Kaolin (cleans pores and impurities), Camphor (antifungal and antibacterial properties)

Detan Ubtan Face Pack, Aaranyam

Detan Ubtan Face Pack - 100ml

Detan Ubtan Face Pack - 100ml


Most of Aaranyam's products focus on solving a problem be it acne, dandruff or the constant summer TAN! If you already didn’t notice, we're a fan of natural and organic (as are most people) and this brand's sole objective is to create safe and non-toxic skincare. This ubtan facemask is suited for all skin types and is very straightforward to use - mix with rose water, apply, leave for 15 mins and wash with lukewarm water to reveal healthy and glowing skin. 

Key Ingredients: Multani Mitti, Kaolin Clay, Oats, Sandalwood, Saffron oil, Turmeric root oil

Skin Detox Mask & Detan Oil, Ojas

Skin Detox Mask & Detan Oil

Skin Detox Mask & Detan Oil


Ojas The Luxury Bath has us in love with their paraben-free, cruelty-free range of shower gels, face masks, bath salts, overnight gels and lip scrubs and whatnot that are not just good for your skin but the environment too. This set comes with a 50gm detox mask and a 5ml bottle of detan oil that you're supposed to use together by taking 1-2 spoons of the mask, approximately 2 drops of the oil and mixing it with water, honey or rosewater. 

Key Ingredients: Reetha powder, Rose powder, Red clay, Hibiscus Powder, Anantmool Powder, Licorice Powder, Sweet Lime, Ylang Ylang

Detan Face Scrubs

Detan Face Scrub For Men, Ustraa

Face Scrub De-Tan - 100g

Face Scrub De-Tan - 100g


We love this detan face scrub for men from Ustraa. The Lord knows that when it comes to skincare, men have barely graduated. So men if you're reading this, gift yourself a detan face scrub that comes with walnut granules, sugarcane extracts, pineapple, beetroot, and vitamin C. Ged rid of the dead cells and dirt, y'all! 

Key Ingredients: Walnut Granules, Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts Extract, Vitamin C, Pineapple, Beetroot & Sugarcane Extract, Wheat Extract

Tan Removing Exfoliating Scrub, Greenberry Organics

Bio Active Tan Removing Exfoliating Scrub

Bio Active Tan Removing Exfoliating Scrub


This scrub from Greenberry Organics is suitable for all skin types and works well to remove dead skin cells while still retaining the moisture of the skin. It claims to increase the tonal value of your skin and is completely natural and paraben-free. 

Key Ingredients: Aqua, Shea Butter, Xanthan Fum, Walnut Shell Powder, Arbutin, Niacinamide, Peppermint oil, Geranium Oil, Chamomile Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

Tan Removal Anti-Tan Face Scrub, Ecocradle

Tan Removal Skin Brightening Anti-Tan Face Scrub - 40gm

Tan Removal Skin Brightening Anti-Tan Face Scrub - 40gm


Ecocradle is known for their eco-consciousness and emphasis on sustainable skincare. They use natural essential oils, herbs, and floral extracts in all their products. This vegan face scrub effectively removes tan and brightens your skin and the coconut oil in it keeps your skin nourished and moisturised.

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Ricinus Castor Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Walnut Shell Powder, Lemon Peel Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

Face And Body Coffee Scrub, Matra

Arabica Coffee Scrub for Face and Body for Tan Removal and Blackheads - 100 Grams

Arabica Coffee Scrub for Face and Body for Tan Removal and Blackheads - 100 Grams


Often while taking care of our face we forget that our body is just as much prone to getting tanned and requires attention and care too. This scrub from Matra can be used on the face as well as the body - just apply the scrub on wet skin and gently massage upwards in circular motions, they recommend using the product twice a week for best results.

Key Ingredients: Coffee, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Walnut

Lip Care

Orange & Lemon Lip Detan, Nourishk Essencia

Orange and Lemon Lip Detan

Orange and Lemon Lip Detan


Your lips are probably the most ignored part of your body. Admit it or not, you've licked it every time it felt itchy. But that's not a long term solution. Get yourself an orange and lemon lip detan from Nourishk Essencia and allow it to hydrate and nourish your lips during summers, or otherwise! 

Key Ingredients: Orange extract, lemon essential oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, shea butter, beeswax, mango butter

Organic Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm, Juicy Chemistry

 Organic Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm - For Tanned & Chapped lips - 5 Grams

Organic Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm - For Tanned & Chapped lips - 5 Grams


Juicy Chemistry does organic skincare which is completely preservative-free and fresh. From the rustic, fuss-free packaging to the no-frills texture of their products, it's clear chemicals were not invited to this party. This organic Tuscany lemon & green tea lip balm is specially formulated for chapped and tanned lips and has a cooling effect when applied thanks to the spearmint. 

Key Ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Raspberry Seed Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, and Vitamin E

Lip Brightening Scrub, Nature's Touch

Lip Brightening Scrub (40g)

Lip Brightening Scrub (40g)


Nature's Touch retails a whole range of skincare products right from foot scrubs and face scrubs to handcrafted soaps, shower gels, and lotions. But today we're here for this brightening lip scrub that helps in cell repairing and treating pigmentation. Crafted with natural ingredients and packaged conveniently, you're meant to apply the scrub gently and massage with your fingertips in circular motions for approx 2-3 minutes and wash with cold water.

Key Ingredients: Potato oil, Almond oil, Sweet oil, Rosemary and Vitamin E


Oil-Free Sunscreen With SPF 50, Peau Care

L'Eau Shield - Oil Free Sunscreen - SPF 50 (50ml)

L'Eau Shield - Oil Free Sunscreen - SPF 50 (50ml)


While all these products will help you reduce your tan, don't forget that you need a solid sunscreen to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Depending on your skin and preferred price points, we recommend trying out a few before you settle on it. We've been liking this sunscreen from Peau Care because it's not sticky (unlike several sunscreens) and it's all-natural and oil-free. 

Key Ingredients: Sulisobenzone, Triethanolamine, Ultrez 10, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulphonic Acid, Aloe vera

Sunscreen Serum SPF 50, COSIQ

SPF-50 Outdoor Sunscreen Serum Broad Spectrum PA++++

SPF-50 Outdoor Sunscreen Serum Broad Spectrum PA++++


CosIQ is bringing skincare that is clinical and clean with ingredients that target, attack, and repair not just effectively but with 10 times the speed. This sunscreen serum is ultra-lightweight and provides protection against photoaging, cellular skin damage and general deterioration of skin texture. For INR 699, that seems like a fair deal. 

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Ext, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glycerine, Water & Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate & Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane & Octocrylene & Phospholipids & 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Propanediol, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Alcohol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin (and) Tocopherol, 

Ayurvedic Sunscreen SPF 30, Sadhev

Ayurvedic Sunscreen SPF 30 (200ml)

Ayurvedic Sunscreen SPF 30 (200ml)


Sadhev offers a complete range of ayurvedic products including soaps, body lotion, lip balms, and oils. This 200ml bottle of SPF 30 is great to apply to the entire body and you can even apply it to your face. This is a great everyday sunscreen option, especially if you don't step out for long hours through the day, but enough that you're still exposed to the sun. 

Key Ingredients: Madhuyashthi, Indian Madder, Carrots and Vitamin A

Bonus: To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Basic Brightening Extra Gentle Daily Peel, Dr Sheth's

Extra Gentle Peel- 50ml

Extra Gentle Peel- 50ml


Dr. Sheth's products are crafted for Indian skin, and their gentle peel is said to exfoliate and regenerate skin quite well. You can use this as a face mask for around five minutes or just use it on the affected skin. Do check for the instructions on the box or before you buy to make sure you don't overuse the product.

Key Ingredients: Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Pomegranate extract and Calendula Extract

Oil-Free Vitamin C Serum, Lavenza

Oill-free Vitamin C Serum -30ml

Oill-free Vitamin C Serum -30ml


After watching several hauls on YouTube and IGTV, we figured out that Lavenza is one brand that has to be checked out. They use natural ingredients, and this serum is one thing your skin will thank you for. As it has Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 Vitamin B3, it brightens your skin, moisturizes it, and removes tan too.  

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Raspberry extract, Papaya extract, and Licorice extract 

Anti-Tan Body Lightening Massage Oil, Tvakh

Anti Tan Body Lightening Massage Oil - Mystic Rose (200ml)

Anti Tan Body Lightening Massage Oil - Mystic Rose (200ml)


This lovely anti-tan oil works wonders and how! It belongs to a brand called Tvakh-a Sanskrit word that means ‘tvacha’, which further means skin or dermis. Naturally, this product is all about protecting your skin. Massaging daily locks the moisture in your skin, and the essential oils also prevent your skin from getting tanned. 

Key Ingredients: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Licorice extract, Rose petals


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