Have A Pet? These Cool Gadgets Are Just What You Need

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If you're a pet parent, chances are that you've tried real hard to find ways to keep them occupied, or, keep yourself entertained. It's not that hard to pamper your pooch or give your kitty some much needed attention (erm, let's move the squishes aside) and some cool gadgets are what come to mind when you're finding ways to feed, play or just watch your pet from afar. Let's begin, shall we?

Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Bluetooth Anti-Lost Locator

Losing a pet is one of the biggest worries most pet parents go through, so a tracker is probably one of the most crucial gadgets we should invest in. This anti-lost device uses the latest bluetooth technology, and you can even see the last pin on the map via the app (Kindelf/MyAPP/iSearching app) to help you trace your pet. What's great is that you can put this on your pet's collar and it's easier to track.

On The Wallet: INR 1,000 

Pet Trimmer

PetVogue Dog Low Noise Pet Trimmer

Everyone needs some grooming, including your furry babies. So, we've found you a low noise rechargeable pet clipper (it's cordless!) that has an electric clipper, a cleaning brush, comb attachments, scissors and even a comb. If you see hair everywhere, you can now trim them with ease. The best part? It's an ultra quiet design. Yes, we're buying this. Immediately. 

On The Wallet: INR 3,999 

Electric Nail Clipper

Pet Paw Nail Trimmer Kit

A battery operated nail clipper? It's like every pet parent's dream come true! Yes, this awesome tool does exactly what we said, and can be used for any pet you have. The best part? It/s pain-free, so your pet isn't going to be as fidgety (hopefully!) as we think it will! It works by spinning an emery wheel gently across your pet's nails, removing one layer at a time.

On The Wallet: INR 598

Interactive Electric Flutter Toy

Interactive Electric Flutter Rotating Toy

Ah, the times we've spent trying to entertain our pets who just can't get enough attention. Well, we've found you a toy that'll keep them busy so that you can finish working on well, whatever you're working on, and have a peaceful time. Plus, Instagram stories are a no-brainer here!

This interactive toy is mostly for cat parents, but if you have smaller dogs and want to try this out, be our guest. What this does is copy the motion of a real butterfly so that your cats can stalk and hunt, just like they would in a natural environment. The toy's base is pretty broad, so there will be stability even when there are playful swipes. 

On The Wallet: INR 5,999

Handheld Shower Massage Scrubber

Handheld Shower Sprayer

Contrary to how complicated this sounds, this handy device can totally elevate those bath time rituals. This multi-function pet bathing tool will groom and brush your pet and give it a shower at the same time. The band will secure the grip in your hands and since the spray is attached to your palm, it's easy to control the force of the water as well. We super kicked to try this out and make bath time fun for our little friends!

On The Wallet: INR 1,000

Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder

Made out of environment-friendly material, this handy gadget allows you to feed your pet at a regular time and also prevents your pet from overeating. There are six sections on the tray, each can hold up to 1.2 cups of food. Then, the tray rotates at the time you select, allowing the furry friends to enjoy their next meal. Best bit? You can even record your voice and the feeder will play it automatically to call your pets for their meals at feeding time. This is slightly on the higher side when it comes to pricing!

On The Wallet: INR 9,015 

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser Filter

You can now ensure that your pets have clean drinking water all day long this this cool device! This dental water filter and fountain gives your pets a running fountain and also has dental care tablets to fight that 'doggie breath'. 

On The Wallet: INR 3,000


Black+Decker Bagless Vacuum Cleaner And Blower

Alright, we can't let you leave without spilling our secret - the quickest, fastest, surest way to get ride of pet hair is.... a vacuum cleaner! This handheld model is perfect for carrying about from room to room, cleaning surfaces, window sills, carpets and even furniture. We're telling you, it's one thing every pet parent definitely must invest in. 

On The Wallet: INR 3,595


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