Get Moves Like Jagger At This World Renowned Indian Dance Academy

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What Makes It Awesome

India’s most recognised dance academy, with credentials to match global standards, is Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company, and the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute. With a natural flair for dance, and subsequent training from Alvin Ailey School in New York and Impulstanz in Vienna, Lewis has been teaching dance since his college days. The only difference being that back then he was doing so to make ends meet (his family wasn’t quite okay with him pursuing dance), and now he’s a rage.

Terence Lewis himself is trained in modern dance techniques and contemporary dance. And, he combines his contemporary dance learning with Indian styles topped with some Bollywood moves to make what he calls, Indo Contemporary dance. His dance academy, much on the same lines, offers training in contemporary styles. Their courses are designed basis the age and the purpose. For instance, Dance Pe Lo Chance is a course that preps you for a reality TV show, Young Masters Program is for the kids, and their Diploma in Dance Foundation Course is their intensive 18-month-long training module that turns an aspiring dancer into a pro.

Besides these, Terence Lewis’ dance academy also partners with various organisations and institutes to hold workshops and shorter training stints. Trail them on Facebook, or keep a tab on their website for upcoming opportunities.

With a vision to place India on the world dancing map, Terence Lewis’ institute also has the Terence Lewis Dance Scholarship Foundation Trust that supports the training and early careers of aspiring dancers who come from modest backgrounds.

If you have only been dancing behind close doors, or if you’d like to gain an edge over others in contemporary dance, enroll with Terence Lewis’ training schools, now. It’s hip, it’s happening and we love it.

Cost:  Beginner's ABCD program in Contemporary and Bollyhop start at INR 4000 for 8 sessions, Young Master's Program at INR 35000 for ages 8 - 14 for 8 months, a 12-month diploma for aspiring professional dancers at INR 300000 and a 12-week program for aspiring reality show dancers at INR 90000.