24 Taps Of Happy: This Malad Pub With A Beer Wall Will Spoil You For Choices

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There can never be enough beer but there’s always room for more beer. The Beer Cafe’s new outlet in Malad is ready to give you a taste of the widest collection of wines, liquor and premium international brews including 24 of the best beer on tap.

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The Beer Cafe’s 9th outlet is going to flaunt a large variety of lagers, ales, wheats and stouts. Apart from that, the outlet will feature 24 of the most popular beers like Kingfisher, Bira 91, Erdinger, Hoegaarden, Stella, Shepherd Double Tout, Heineken etc. The cafe is not only going to spoil you with choice but also provide aesthetically inclined interiors with chalk-style monochromatic illustrations and occasional splashes of yellow. You are free to pair your brews with your choice of food to enhance the flavour and if you are lucky to land during happy hours, then it’s definitely win win.

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So if you are looking to chill with friends with a nice brewski, you know where to head.


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