Enjoy Churros, Pretzels, Melted Chocolate Pot & More At This Bandra Dessert Parlour

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What Makes It Awesome

Head to Chocolateria San Churro in Bandra and you will surely find a zillion option for desserts. But this place is one of my favourite ones simply for their churros and the entire platter that is shown in the picture above.

The platter is a chocolate fondue for four and it comes with strawberries, pretzels, churros and the most delicious melted chocolate pot. The churros are dessert heaven and you can even ask for white chocolate to dip it into in case you feel like it.

I'm a complete white chocolate fan, so the sugar dusted churros dipped into the melting goodness was such a treat, I could barely walk after devouring a plateful. They also have a host of other options like cookies, pastries, cold coffees and glasses full of cream, fruit and chocolate. It's a treat for a person who loves desserts.

What Could Be Better?

I found everything pretty much in place but they could probably create a more engaging environment.

Anything Else?

Try their coffees, especially the mocha is really good with the perfect amount of coffee and milk in it.

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