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Best Place To Be At Nature's Nest Like Never Before!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Fazlani Nature Nest, located in Lonavala at a distance of km from Mumbai is a nature's hub filled with positivity, freshness and must needed peace for people busy and loaded with stress! Surrounded with lake and guarded by greenery from all over, this 150 acres of land stretches to give one and all the experience and a chance to meet one’s inner voice. Here are TOP 10 reasons to ditch your fancy vacation spots and be at Fazlani Nature Nest Farm to Fork: An organic farm This is a concept which allows the guests to pluck the veggies of their choice from their own organic farm which consists of fresh fruits such as banana, chickoo, mosambi, etc and vegetables like cucumber, cabbage and more leafy veggies too, these veggies and give these to the chef and get it to cook as they want.   2) Beautiful flora everywhere This is a place where you’ll not only find colourful roses but also colorful roses from a single stem itself, amazing right! Space is covered with colourful different flowers spreading beautiful aromas all the way while you walk some miles here. 3)Therapies to de-stress the busy lifestyle In a lifestyle which is full of stress, no peace and calm, Fazlani Nature Nest offers a great range of therapies to de-stress you. a) Equine Therapy If spending time talking, feeding and being with animals all you like but have no time, this therapy is just what you need. With 17 horses of 4 different breeds viz Katyawadi, Arabian Gypsy, Scottish Pony and ThroughBreed, these are well-trained pets which are specially trained to help people come over the negativity. b) Birds Therapy Ever thought how melodious and peaceful it would be to just sit facing the lake and listening to vivid birds here, play around with them and smile watching how these flock of ducks, roosters, turkey move together and around you. c) Reflexology Our body needs a proper balance of everything, this therapy serves the same purpose. It includes walking barefoot on 4 different surfaces starting from sand, then water with stones followed by grass and finally on a land coated with smooth stones, giving an appropriate pressure point below the feet. d) Mud therapy As we all know mud is an important part of nature, it contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health. Mud can absorb toxins from the human body, therefore, is very useful in preventing many diseases. It is also known for its healing properties. It also helps in cooling and relaxing body as it can hold moisture for a long time. 4)  Wellness and Beauty Spa Very well decorated and executed under the guidance of Dr. Shubhada, Amarine Wellness is a hub where you can soak yourself into essential aromatic oils, rose milk and rejuvenate while reducing the inflexibility, pain, stiffness in joints and hence improving motions. The well-trained team and the hospitality will make you forget all the stress you are holding and are also been trained to beautify and bring a glow on one’s face. They also have a room full of basic workout equipment right from a treadmill to bench and a few more which forms a well-equipped gymnasium. 5) Rejuvenate at Amphitheatre A huge vacant area turned into an open theatre for medication is something that will tempt you to leave your cellphones away and sit closing your eyes and get lost in the melody of silence.  6) Fresh air everywhere This 150-acre property surrounded by greens and water never goes off the fresh air which helps purify your soul while meditating or even while walking over. The cool breeze will not only give you peace but also make you walk an extra mile without being tired. Alcohol, cigarettes or any other form of drugs is not allowed here and they strictly believe in keeping the space and people here fill with only natural fresh air. 7) Spacious Villas With over 13 Villas each with 8 rooms, they provide all the modern basic necessities required once inside. 4 rooms at the ground level and 4 at level one with a better view, 2 rooms are king-sized and 2 are Queen sized well-furnished bedrooms. 8)The Machan Standing tall at the edge of the property alone, this machan is an ideal place for a lonely time with nature. A view of sunrise and sunset never made me mesmerise so much before.  9)Cool Rides Exploring such an extravaganza obviously needs a spectacular ride and they just had it sorted as I was awestruck by the options they had right from a bicycle to a three-seater cycle, a golf cart (Golf Buggie as they say) or the best they suggested “Legs”, yes walk all the way through the beautiful lanes full of colourful flowers and antiques placed right from Charkha, traditional horse buggies, traditional grass cutter and few more, but do not forget to experience all they have to offer! 10) Infinity pool Nothing feels better than soaking all the stress and tension into a 3 level Infinity Pool facing the lake. Drown into this calm never-ending pool with continuous water flow and breathe a new life like never before. Last but definitely not the least, why not be at a place which is full of exploration and new experiences, the only one place with so many reasons to be at and make memories worth cherishing life long.

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