Eco-Friendly, Pocket-Friendly and Cruelty Free: The Brat Army Has Amazing Vegan Leather Shoes

What Makes It Awesome

Vegan Leather. That’s one buzz-phrase that’s been making the rounds for a while now. We’ve spotted vegan leather bags, jackets, and now, shoes. We hear its the in-thing now, considering we’re all making the shift to #sustainable fashion. Since the whole slow fashion movement is still fairly new, it’s likely that you haven’t had much to choose from when it comes to eco-friendly fashion. Options can be quite limited, and most likely, really utilitarian. The Brat Army swoops in to the rescue here!

This PETA-approved vegan brand is offering locally made, cruelty-free luxury! Aiming to have their well-meaning product accessible to all, the price range for these luxe shoes isn’t actually high up there - the range starts at a modest INR 1299, and goes up to INR 2999 for the most pricey pairs, which are a lot more whimsical and stylized.

TBA has workwear-accentuating basics - think black and dark brown formal shoes - and party-ready loafers in bright hues. We loved the Bello Double Monk Orange Loafers (INR 2999) and the Bruges Mustard Loafers (INR 2699).

Basically, these are shoes that are stylish, made to last really long, and above all, guilt-free! Definitely get these if you're a guy who's trying to shop better!