The Freshness & The Best Culinary Art Of Japanese Cuisine At Kofuku Juhu

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kofuku means Happiness in Japanese, and for someone seeking authentic Japanese cuisine then this is the palace to be. Kofuku opened its first outlet in Bandra, Mumbai around 2012 and has now made its way to Juhu with a relatively smaller seating of around 7 tables. The interiors are extremely simple depicting a donburi (rice bowl dish) shop, with wood panels, tatami mats with low floor seating, paper lanterns, wall hangings and flags bearing Japanese Kanji.

Kofuku is known for the freshness and healthiness of the food they serve. Most of the raw materials are exported and they try to use ingredients to make the taste as authentic as possible. The extensive Sushi menu includes Nigiri, Maki rolls, Temaki, Uramaki and Inari and I suggest getting the mixed platters for your first visit unless you are well versed with what you could expect. The non-vegetarian Sushi sampler had a commendable assortment of Tuna, Salmon, Crab, Octopus and Hamachi Nigiri.

I had the opportunity to meet the head chef Mr.James Baika who started his culinary journey all the way down south in Chennai, Bangalore and now in Mumbai. A rundown from the man who has won many accolades against his culinary work in Japanese and Korean Cuisines was extremely satisfying.

We had tried the following dishes:

▶Yaki Kakuni - Braised Pork belly skewer served with seasoned sesame oil. Juicy & succulent with 4 square blocks served on a plate each the size of around 3/4 of a palm.
Rated 4/5
▶OH MY GOD "Flaming Sushi" - A filling with Avacado, Cream Cheese, Cucumber with condiments such as spicy creamy and sweet sauce. The outside layer consisted of Whitefish, Salmon and Tuna with Caviar
Rated 6/5
▶Creamy Shrimp Tempura - Batter fried Prawns with a mix of spicy mayonnaise or creamy wasabi sauce. The dish was presented in a spectacular fashion with all the Prawns arranged in a vertical flower bouquet style
Rated 5/5
▶Tori No Teriyaki - Grilled boneless Chicken cooked and glazed in Teriyaki sauce
Rated 5/5
▶Dorayaki - A popular Japanese dessert of Azuki (sweet red bean paste) stuffed between 1 set of Pancakes accompanied with Vanilla ice cream
Rated 4/5

▶Service - 5/5
▶Food - 4.5/5
▶Interiors - 4/5
▶Drinks - NA (No Alcohol License Yet)
▶Presentation - 5/5
▶Value For Money - 5/5


What Could Be Better?

Overall its was a wonderful experience and it maintained the standards I had first experienced at Bandra (first Kofuku outlet). The service was of high standards and Roger was the man guiding us around the menu. A visit worth every minute spent and Kudos to the team at Kofuku Juhu.
Awaiting your liquor license as this visit left me a bit dry on Mocktails alone :-)

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