Get All The Hippie Vibes You Need With This Pinterest-Inspired Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Is Pinterest (after LBB, of course) your most used app? Is your bedroom a chakra-healing, patchouli-scented haven with patchwork rugs and cozy pillows? Well, we think a single look at 'The Hippie Vibes' range will have you saying "shut up and take my money" immediately. While macrame is a mainstay in their repertoire, we love the variations it comes with!

Expect crescent-shaped, octagonal, and even heart-shaped dreamcatchers. Whether you like those classic all-white, beaded ones, or whether you like things psychedelic and rainbow-fied, they've got a ton of options either way. The best part? They're happy to customize dreamcatchers for you.

We were pleasantly surprised to find accessories too - crochet sling bags with shell accents, and even fabric earrings!

The range starts at a pocket-friendly INR 299, and it's very, very boho-chic, so go crazy!

The best part? They not just ship in India, but worldwide. Hit Enquire Now to place your orders with them.


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