Bubblegum Waffles Or Charcoal Burgers: Take Your Pick At This Kandivali Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

Kandivali's food scene is top-notch and bumping into cutesy cafes that juxtapose innovation and taste, is honestly a blessing. We're here to convince you to go to The Messy House in one of the bylanes, and you'll thank us later if you manage to make it here.

The cafe's got a cozy vibe and as you enter, you will see a splash of pink in a lot of things. The walls have checkered tiles in baby pink and grey, a few cool quotes on food and how beautiful being messy is. One of the walls reads 'Messier The Better', and is pretty Insta-worthy. 

Now let's get talking about food without wasting more time because we know you're here for this. We started the binge with a tall glass of some soothing lemongrass ice tea (INR 160) to cool it off, which was followed by a huge black mac and cheese burger a.k.a the charcoal burger (INR 260.) You'll definitely have to come here on an empty stomach and eat two of these burgers because they deserve that love from you. No kidding.

We also tried their formaggi pizza (INR 375) which we were told is a specialty of The Messy House. And if pizza is your true love, you've got to add this one to your list. Lets focus on the star performer of the cafe now. The Glittery Bubblegum Waffle (INR 250) is hands down our favorite from here, and we're thankful to the owner for recommending this to us. It's an amalgamation of some bubblegum flavoured icecream, chocolate waffle, white chocolate sauce, and cotton candy. Trust us when we say this, but the taste of the bubblegum waffle reminds you of the Boomer bubble gum we used to chew on as kids. And 100 points to The Messy House for playing around with the flavour!

All in all, head to this cafe for a quick bite, or to devour on some gob-smacking desserts with your tribe!


If you've got that sweet tooth, go for their chocolate hazelnut bunwich, the cookie sandwiches, and the churros too. 


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